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5 Inventory Quick Tips for Cannabis Dispensaries

December 7, 2017

Adding new marijuana inventory into your dispensary POS system is something all cannabis retailers deal with on a day to day basis. Building a descriptive product profile will be beneficial for budtenders and customers alike. There are a few things you’ll want to include when scanning in new marijuana inventory.

Try our quick tips on how to elevate your inventory intake procedure using your dispensary POS software.

Weigh The Batch

One of the first things you’ll want to do when onboarding new inventory is weigh each individual batch to get an accurate measurement of each strain. Using an NTEP certified class II balance scale will provide the precise weight down to the milligram.

Integrating your scale with your cannabis POS system will auto fill your product weight and save some time on data entry. You’ll probably want to do a weekly recount to ensure all inventory is still intact but your software will typically be extremely accurate.

Product Description

Invest a little time into filling out your product description. Well written descriptions can really be helpful for customers when deciding on which strain to purchase. Including lab results and product category will also help inform your clientele while keeping your marijuana inventory organized.

You can even select presets regarding the quality of the cannabis such as reserve, exotic, premium or shake. Entering as much information as possible will allow you access marijuana inventory information with ease and educate the customers on the product.

Product Photography

Uploading high quality images of each strain is vital to creating a dynamic online menu. While hiring a professional product photographer to take pictures of every strain might be overkill, investing in a quality camera is recommended.

Finding a well lit area and white background is perfect for taking photos of marijuana flower. The product photos will be shown on websites, touchscreen menus and digital displays so capturing high quality images assist in making more sales.

Website Integration

Once you’ve entered all the necessary information to create a robust product profile, you’ll want to integrate your marijuana inventory into your website using woocommerce. Doing so will allow your online menu to display up-to-date inventory. If you’ve already completed your website integration your menu will instantly reflect new products that are added.

IndicaOnline’s industry specific POS software is also capable of syncing with third party dispensary apps such as Weedmaps and Potify. Toggling this option when adding new product will initiate an automatic sync with these website and update your menus in real time. Not only is this a huge time saver but it also prevents customer confusion when things sell out.

Sync with Digital Display

After you’ve completed your website integration, you’ll want to setup your digital display for the sales floor and waiting room. IndicaOnline TV allows you to create looping playlists that will display menu items, discounts, and much more. Simply sync your dispensary POS software with our Apple TV application and you can run playlists on multiple devices at the same time.

Menu items will always reflect the current stock available in your marijuana inventory and your high quality images will really stand out. Installing digital signage into you cannabis retailer will inform customers and increase customer turnover. We offer our digital signage service absolutely free on up to five devices for new customers. Sign up today to see the many ways IndicaOnline POS system can benefit your marijuana business.