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Top 5 Best Scales for Marijuana Dispensaries

October 2, 2019

Investing in high quality scales for a marijuana dispensary is an important decision that should be weighed carefully. There are a few features that are required for retail sale by weight. In this article, we’ll compare some of the best scales available to medical marijuana dispensaries so you can make an informed decision.

Scales Requirements

Before beginning our comparison, it is important to know that there are three main requirements every dispensary scale must meet. Firstly, the scales must be certified by the National Conference of Weights and Measures, or NTEP. A certification from NTEP often takes months for approval as it is tested for accuracy and reliability. 

Second, the scale must be classified as a “Class II Balance,” meaning it is legal for trade and is able to be used to sell product by weight. Lastly, the scales must be able to weigh in increments of 0.01 grams (1/100th gram) as often times the product will weigh less than one ounce. 

1. Star Micronics

The Star Micronics mG-S322 is one of the latest and greatest scales on the market designed specifically for the cannabis industry. This scale is NTEP class II certified in all states with legal cannabis sales. It has a 320g max weight capacity and is fitted with a water and dust-proof cover. It comes standard with three advanced connectivity options: Bluetooth v4.0, USB, or Serial.

It seamlessly integrates with IndicaOnline POS software and also comes with an additional windscreen to prevent A/C vents from blowing cannabis or altering weight. What really sets this scale apart is the ability to be powered by either the A/C adapter or with standard replaceable AA batteries for portable use. The Star Micronics mG-S322 scale has a 3 year warranty and can be purchased new for around $950 with shipping included.

2. AWS

The AWS MJ 1200 Series Bench Scale is a NTEP Class II scale made in Japan that has a 1,200 gram capacity. It has an advanced tuning-fork sensor for superior speed and accuracy when weighing product. It also offers the RS-232C connectivity which gives it the capability to connect to most point-of-sale systems. This scale comes with a 5 year warranty and sells at right around $800 with taxes and shipping. 

Scales AWS

3. A&D

A&D is a well-known and trusted brand in the digital scales market. Their FX-1200iN Precision Balance qualifies as a NTEP Class II scale and is made in South Korea. In this model, A&D has included a compact super hybrid sensor which makes lighter, and smaller than it’s previous GF model.

It also has additional factory install options that include USB interface with uni-directional cable, Ethernet interface with WinCT software, and a built-in rechargable battery. The options are available at an additional cost but the scale does come standard with RS-232C connectivity for POS compatibility.  The A&D FX-1200iN sells for around $820-$950 depending on whether or not you add any factory installs, and comes with a 5 year warranty. 


4. Citizen

The Citizen CZ1202N is a NTEP Class II scale and while most of the features are fairly standard it is a very precise scale. It uses 0.01 gram resolution and is capable of five different weighing units. The scales do come with a bright backlit weight display that can be programmed to stay on, off, or light up at the press of a button.

The scales are manufactured in India and include the RS-232C serial port for POS integration. While these scales don’t offer any of the fancier features they are reliable, certified scales at an affordable price point of only $500 with taxes and shipping.

Citizen Scales

5. Ohaus

The Ohaus PAJ 2102CN Scale is an American made scale out of New Jersey and qualifies as a NTEP Class II scale. The major difference in this scale is the capacity which is 2100 grams. It has a 0.01 gram readability and includes their trademark InCal, internal semi-automatic calibration.

It does have a few nifty design features such as selectable environmental filters, auto tare, software lockout, and selectable communication and printing settings. It comes with RS-232C compatibility and costs a considerable $950-$1,000 with taxes and shipping. 

Ohaus Scales


Scales are an integral part of any dispensary so making sure you have NTEP certified scales is not only a good idea but it’s required by law. You can make sure your scales are NTEP certified using the conformance search on the NTEP website. The scales above are all suitable choices for any dispensary but hopefully now you have better idea of what will work best for your dispensary.