Modern & credible RFID inventory

Get an instant and thorough overview of your dispensary. Have a 360-degree overview of inventory across your locations.

Thorough data

Use RFID inventory audits to track all products in stock, identify discrepancies, loss, and spoilage in a matter of seconds.

Swift inventory audits

Unlock the full potential of our RFID scanner and scan up to 900 tags per second. Save hours of manual work and unnecessary effort.

Supports On-Demand delivery

Quickly prepare bags for delivery using our state-of-the-art RFID scanner.

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Detects product expirations

Detects product expirations

Use the RFID reader to locate recalled or expiring inventory. Scan for low product amount for easy re-ordering.
Boosts employees’ performances

Boosts employees’ performances

There’s nothing better than an engaged employee to boost sales. Using high-speed RFID scanners frees workers from monotonous tasks.

Prevents inventory loss

Human errors are costly, both from a productivity and compliance standpoint. RFID allows for automated, real-time reporting into the main databases.

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