Simple and secure POS software

Everything is designed to boost your sales - from our intuitive interface and fast operations to spot-on features and real-time updates.

Easy onboarding

Our user-friendly interface makes employee onboarding easy and effective. Your staff can get to work faster and achieve exceptional results. If there are any problems, our onboarding agents will be ready to assist you.

Considerable flexibility

Forget about depending on your static workstation. Enjoy increased efficiency and fully controlled dispensary operations directly from your iPad. All staff can freely move around dispensaries and consult customers.

Track budtender performance

Get valuable insights into your staff performance. Discover your most productive budtenders and the ones who need more training.

Use Manager PIN

Use Manager PIN

Stay in complete control of all operations performed within your point of sale. Choose who has access to any particular settings or functionality.
Real-time updates

Real-time updates

Keep up to date with everything that happens in your dispensaries and receive real-time information on your store’s performance.

Dispatcher mode

Manage every stage of online order preparation, fulfillment, and delivery. Your dispatchers have all the necessary information to assign orders appropriately.

Offline mode

IndicaOnline can operate in offline mode. When there is no signal, all data is automatically saved and then sent to Metrc.

Resources for Point of Sales

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