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Introducing our new point of banking system - SWIPE. Don't turn away the customers who want to pay with cards. Use SWIPE.

Start processing card sales through SWIPE terminals

SWIPE is a new point of banking system – cashless ATM, Debit and credit terminals by IndicaOnline that allows your customers to pay with their debit or credit cards easier, faster and safer. With SWIPE, you will be able to eliminate unnecessary cash in your transactions.

Start processing card sales through SWIPE terminals

Up to
increase in cart size
Process sales up to

Increase Revenue

Increase your revenue by offering your customers a simple and convenient sales process. Since there’s no cash limitation, your employees will have more upselling opportunities. By offering your customers card payments, the average cart size increases by 30%.

Faster Checkouts

Having fewer cash transactions guarantees quicker sales processes. Your employees won’t have to count the amounts manually. All calculations are automated and digital. They will only have to focus on the client and the service they provide.

Enhanced Safety

Less cash, Less theft vulnerability. Having a cashless ATM not only reduces the theft vulnerability but also lowers the chances of human inaccuracies and errors.

Cashless ATM

  • Accept debit card payments
  • Receive money the same day
  • Get more tips for your budtenders
  • Enjoy no transaction fees for dispensaries
  • Order terminals for free


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