Flawless ID verification and flash check-in

Satisfy your customers with an instant check-in process integrated with your point of sale. Create a personalized approach and turn new clients into returning ones.

Flawless registration

First impressions matter. Make the customer’s journey smooth and enjoyable from the very beginning.

Personalized approach

Your budtenders can see customer’s names and preferences. If it is your customer’s birthday, get notified and use this info to build a relationship.

Timely prevention

Notify and remind your customers of expiring medical cards and recommendations. Easily detect fake and expired IDs at check-in.

Offline Mode

You can also operate in offline mode. When there is no signal, all data is automatically saved and then sent to Metrc.

Digital Signage

Simplify queue management for both employees and customers. Clients’ names automatically appear on the screen once they check in. Make sure they know about all the current specials and discounts by displaying those as well.

Pick-up orders

Pick-up orders

Customers can book an ASAP pick-up order or schedule a future time. Being able to order ahead is convenient and will result in increased customer satisfaction. All in-store transactions are quick and easy.

Product lists & specials

Product lists & specials

Show product lists and their prices. Save time and money with the help of displays updated in real time. Announce daily specials and discounts. Any updates occur automatically and come directly from the POS system.

Resources for Welcoming Guests

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