Boost Your Sales

Make your sales process work like a clockwork with the help of smart automation. The software takes care of the mundane tasks, you have more time to build relationships with customers.

Empower Your Sales Reps

Automate mundane tasks to create the best customer experience

Profile Creation

Profile Creation

New customer profiles can be created on the spot within a few minutes.

Place Orders with Ease

Place Orders with Ease

Your sales reps can place orders from their iPads while visiting existing and potential customers.

Order Status

Keep your sales, logistics and operations teams on the same page with relevant order statuses.


With Distro you can automate your company’s discount system.

Control discounting practices of sales reps by setting up a cap of maximum discount per customer.

Employee Performance

Distro App provides an efficient way to record and monitor performance of sales representatives. It enables you to reward top performers.


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