• Cannabis Collective events
    Hosting events at your dispensary is a great way to gain new customers and support your local community. Unfortunately, the use of marijuana is illegal on cannabis collective premises in
  • medical marijuana budtender
    A budtender is often the first point of contact for many medical marijuana patients. There is a large majority of customers who might not only be first-time patients but also
  • Dispensary POS Software
    It's easy to get caught up in the day-to-day of dispensary operations, but it's imperative for staff and owners to make the customer experience a high priority. Engaging patients plays
  • Marijuana POS System
    Currently there are 29 states that have legalized medical marijuana and new cannabis businesses are popping up everywhere to meet the demand. Now is the time for marijuana dispensaries to set
  • Dispensary POS System Security
    Now is the time for cannabis businesses to start using dispensary POS systems that provide advanced security measures. There have been marijuana POS software cyber hacks in the past that have
  • Dispensary POS System Metrics
    Every business can benefit from playing to their strengths as a business strategy, including marijuana dispensaries. Identifying these strengths can only be accomplished by analyzing the metrics of your cannabis business.
  • First-time marijuana users
    As the marijuana legalization trend sweeps across America, dispensaries and cannabis retailers will encounter a plethora of first-time marijuana users. These potential customers may require a bit more attention and
  • Compliant Label
    Every dispensary runs the risk of being shut-down if they don't operate according to regulations that qualify as state compliant. Medical marijuana retailers are scrutinized the most since they are responsible
  • Digital Signage
    Cannabis dispensaries are adopting digital signage as the tech wave and medical marijuana industries continue to intersect. It's no wonder as to why, when there are so many benefits of
  • POS System
    Medical marijuana and commercial cannabis dispensaries are very costly to start-up, maintain and operate. While there maybe ample money flowing in, a large portion is flowing out for expenses, payroll,
  • After proposition 64 was passed in 2016, California cannabis businesses knew there would be impending tax regulations for cultivators, manufacturers, retailers, and distributors. Earlier this week, the Bureau of Cannabis Control
  • commercial cannabis licensing workshop
    Yesterday the California Bureau of Cannabis Control (CBCC) announced they'll be hosting three licensing workshops during the month of October. This is a great oppotunity for cannabis business owners to