Strict compliance

Keep everything under control and detect any violations in advance to avoid problems with the law. Monitor operations of any store.

Compliant operations

All aspects of your cannabis business are in compliance with state and local regulations.

One device for all

You only need your iPad to scan customer IDs, check that med cards aren’t expired, edit personal information, tag problematic customers, and manage queues.

Purchase limits warnings

Automatically alert staff if a customer attempts to purchase more than the state-regulated daily limit. This way, you won’t oversell to customers who visit your store multiple times per day.

Metrc integration

Stay compliant with our API integration to Metrc. All of your data is under control and compliant with state regulatory agencies through  Metrc integration.

All the needed reports

All the needed reports

Be ready for any audits or product discrepancies. Benefit from our integration with Looker, a tool that allows infinite report customizations. Monitor store operations and overall performance.

Compliant delivery

Compliant delivery

Our Driver App accounts for all state requirements to ensure safe delivery. Always know which items are on board and which ones have already been delivered.

Resources for Compliance

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