Advanced reports

Generate thorough, data-driven reports. Benefit from our integration with Looker, a tool that allows infinite report customizations.

Product Reports

Benefit from a detailed breakdown of your product sales data. Analyze the most and the least popular items, and find efficient ways to boost your sales.

Customer Reports

Identify the most devoted and profitable customers. Use customer profiles to build well-organized marketing campaigns and attract new clients.

Inventory Reports

Keep track of the items in stock and the ones you are running out of. Analyze discrepancies, spoilage, or losses.

Sales Reports

Sales Reports

Monitor cash, determine sales vs. cost performance, and predict future sales. Use all relevant parameters to filter this data.

Courier Register Log

Courier Register Log

Review the delivery steps and ensure driver performance stays compliant with all rules and regulations.

Delivery ETA Reports

Stay informed about the busiest delivery zones. Use this information to plan the appropriate number of drivers and keep ETA under control.

State Compliance Reports

Quickly generate and export reports to ensure compliance with your state requirements.

Resources for Reporting

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