Speedy and Compliant Delivery Management

Empower your business and turbocharge revenue with our user-friendly and versatile cannabis delivery software. Experience a surge in orders and elevate customer satisfaction with the ease of use and control provided by our software.

Dispatcher Mode

Dispatcher Mode is a feature of our cannabis delivery software that allows dispatchers to manage and oversee the delivery process. 

Delivery managers can use the software to receive and dispatch orders to drivers, monitor the progress of deliveries with GPS tracking, and resolve any issues that may arise, ensuring efficient deliveries.

Our cannabis delivery service provides detailed information on each order, including the delivery location, the driver assigned to the order, and the delivery status. This ensures there is no longer a need for third-party fleet management tools, and allowing dispatchers to make sure orders are being delivered accurately and on time.

The Dispatcher Mode is an essential tool for businesses to manage their cannabis delivery operations, increase customer satisfaction and boost revenue.

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Hub and On-Demand delivery models

Our cannabis delivery software offers both Hub and On-Demand delivery models to meet the needs of different businesses.

The Hub involves a central location—the hub—where orders are received and dispatched to drivers who deliver them to customers. This model is a good fit if your business has large orders and a custom delivery zone.

The On-Demand version involves drivers who are constantly on the move and ready to accept orders as they come in. This model is perfect if your business has fewer orders or a more diverse delivery area. 

Our cannabis delivery software lets you choose the model that fits your needs. You can handle everything from one app, and the flexibility of choosing between the Hub and On-Demand models means you can ensure your delivery operations run smoothly and efficiently.

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Driver App

Crafted for cannabis delivery services, the Driver App streamlines operations while adhering to state regulations. It features Runs for efficient multi-order deliveries and logs every step in Indica and Metrc for swift compliance.

Shift Metrics enhance performance tracking, offering insights into revenue and miles driven, and are accessible through IndicaOnline Web for easy managerial oversight.

Navigation is optimized with Google Maps, ensuring the most efficient routes based on real-time traffic. ETA messages keep customers informed, improving their experience and reducing query calls. The Not Home/Redelivery options address missed deliveries, allowing for flexible rescheduling.

Customizable features include order auto-acceptance, and controlled visibility of orders and customer information, thus balancing driver workload and safeguarding privacy. This suite of tools fosters operational efficiency and trust between the management and delivery teams.

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Cockpit Module

Manage delivery processes with ease using the Cockpit module. Enjoy real-time tracking of delivery progress, see drivers’ locations and orders, re-assign or transfer them, change the order sequence to expedite certain ones, and resolve any issues. 

This allows you to ensure orders are being delivered accurately and on time, improving the efficiency and effectiveness of cannabis delivery operations.

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Smart Assignment

Smart Assignment

Smart Assignment helps you satisfy your customers by reducing marijuana delivery time.

With Smart Assignment, you receive suggestions on the best driver for each order based on a predefined delivery time limit. This ensures orders are delivered as quickly and efficiently as possible, helping you to improve customer satisfaction and boost revenue.

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Automatic Record Keeping

Automatic Record Keeping

Our cannabis delivery software automatically records the courier register log and runs—everything that happens during a delivery.

This feature provides you with comprehensive data for all deliveries. The information is stored electronically and can be accessed anytime, allowing you to review and analyze your delivery operations.

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Delivery Analytics

Our cannabis delivery software comes with analytic tools that allow you to constantly evaluate and optimize your delivery operations.

With delivery analytics, you can monitor these essential indicators: delivery times, problematic routes, driver performance, customer feedback, purchasing patterns, miles driven, etc. You can easily identify areas for improvement and make data-driven decisions to adjust the delivery process as needed. By using Delivery Analytics, you can ensure your cannabis delivery operations are running smoothly and efficiently and you’re making the most of your resources.

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Route optimization

Our cannabis delivery software includes Route Optimization, which helps drivers determine the most cost-efficient route for their deliveries. 

By using this feature, your drivers can reduce the duration and distance of their routes, saving you the costs associated with time, fuel, and other overheads. In addition, Route Optimization helps to ensure packages arrive as promised and at their destination every single time, improving reliability, customer satisfaction and loyalty.

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