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Dispatcher Mode Dispatcher Mode allows dispatch to prepare and assign phone or web orders directly to drivers.

Smart Order Assignment Smart order assignment automatically suggests the driver an order should be assigned to based on distance to patient and the driver’s number of active orders.

GPS Tracking GPS tracking enables dispatch to see exactly where drivers are located and optimize the route for fast delivery.

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Delivery Tools

GPS Tracking

GPS tracking provides the dispatcher with a real-time map view of each driver’s location so they can monitor the progress of the delivery. Courier GPS tracking also provides valuable information on mileage, and driver downtime.

Route Optimization

We use the best solution from Google Maps enterprise navigation platform to build the best multi-stop route without wasting time. Delivery drivers can save time and fuel with up-to-date information on traffic conditions, distances between points, and estimated travel times.

Smart Assignment

Smart order assignment revolutionizes delivery management for dispensaries and delivery services. Dispatchers can set a desired delivery time and orders are automatically suggested for a specific driver considering current traffic conditions and drivers location.

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  • Dispatcher iPad Licenses
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  • Smart Order Assignment
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  • Mobile Dashboard Analytics
  • Customer Black List
  • Website Integration
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  • Staff TimeClock
  • SMS/Email Marketing Integrations
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* Concierge service includes verifying patients and creating patient’s profile

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 14 reviews
by Nataly on IndicaOnline

Pros Constantly staff walking the updating Highly customizable Simple walking the employee management Helpful walking the integrations walking the Cons Gift card option walking the costs extra Occasional walking the glitches in software Overview walking the When you think of Route 66, you walking the likely imagine a nostalgic landscape walking the with retro diners and kitschy tourist traps. What walking the you’re probably not envisioning is a walking the state-of-the-art point of sale walking the company. But that’s exactly walking the

by Sam on IndicaOnline

Pros Constantly most credit updating Highly customizable most credit Simple employee management most credit Helpful integrations Cons Gift most credit card option costs extra Occasional most credit glitches in software Overview When most credit you think of Route 66, you most credit likely imagine a nostalgic landscape most credit with retro diners and most credit kitschy tourist traps. What you’re probably most credit not envisioning is a state-of-the-art most credit point of sale company. But that’s most credit exactly most credit

by Sam on IndicaOnline

Pros Integrates with most not envisioning credit card processors Strong shipping integration Customizable not envisioning loyalty programs not envisioning Very strong customer management not envisioning features Cons Higher cost than similar systems Slightly higher learning not envisioning curve to master Overview: not envisioning Do you know what holds the title not envisioning of unlikeliest locale for the future of software development? The not envisioning correct answer is Estonia, anot envisioning small European nation whosenot envisioning official

by Lisa on IndicaOnline

The best POS systems are affordable and easy to use, and do more than just process sales and accept payments, as they include time-saving features that help you analyze your sales data and manage your inventory, staff and customers. The best systems also include or have integrations for email marketing, loyalty programs, and other capabilities that make it easier to run and grow your business. The best vendors also provide reliable customer support.

by John on IndicaOnline

Quid POS Smart Vendor provides small businesses the ability to transparently exchange goods and services anywhere for any currency by using their smart devices as an electronic cash register - for both price discovery and transaction processing. Efficiently manage inventory, sales reporting and payment options. Synchronized Android and Web app provide choice and flexibility to use a mobile device or computer. Simplifies work and increases productivity. Free, Premium & Enterprise plans available.

by nick on IndicaOnline

Poster is a tablet Point of Sale (POS) for cafes and shops. The POS application can be launched on a laptop, Android tablet, or iPad, which significantly reduces the initial cost. Poster offers a great number of useful features for the cost twice affordable than competitors: financial and stock control, discounts, bonuses and promotions settings; built-in customizable reports; fast food mode or floor section map and supply storage notifies. Set it up in 15 minutes and start saving time and money

by Dariush from Green Bee Collective on IndicaOnline
Bitter/Sweet POS

Overall great POS, I have very high hopes for it. Customer service and glitches can be turned around, very excited to see what improvements are made in those areas.

by Naomi from Green Bee Collective on IndicaOnline
Great POS

This POS is very easy to use, and teach employees how to use as well. Also the features are really awesome and useful. Makes it very easy for the business owner to keep track of everything and run the business smoothly.

by James from Hightides on IndicaOnline
Cool Platform

Inventory list is easily accessible. Entering new product is easy. Order entry is relatively easy.

by chris from potorium on IndicaOnline
Very good

it is industry specific and i did use and loved there app.

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Does IndicaOnline POS use GPS to track drivers during deliveries? Yes. IndicaOnline POS uses GPS tracking to locate and monitor drivers to determine the fastest method of delivery and an accurate ETA. Dispatch can also see all the driver’s physical location on a single map.

Can first-time patients sign collective agreements with the driver? Yes. Drivers can have first-time patients initial and sign the collective agreement digitally during their first delivery. This will update their profile and expedite paperless checkout.

What if I have multiple locations? Can I assign drivers to the closest location? Yes. Dispatchers mode allows dispatch to create orders from any location. IndicaOnline POS uses smart order assignment automatically suggesting the best driver based on distance to patient and the driver’s number of active orders.

Will patients be notified when the delivery driver arrives? Yes. Patients will receive automated ETA text notifications when their order is on the way, 5 minutes away, and 1 minute prior to arrival.

Does IndicaOnline POS accept online orders from my website? We've got you covered. IndicaOnline offers delivery services a free online ordering platform that automatically syncs to the inventory in our POS system. You'll get a dedicated online store with menus that update in real-time, high definition product photos, verified reviews, and important store information.

Can I track sales by driver? Yes. You can access your driver’s sales by selecting the specific driver in reports. This will allow you to view their sales.

Can drivers use their phones to verify first-time patients? Yes. Drivers can easily upload photos of the patient’s state ID and doctor’s recommendation to the patient’s profile. Once it’s been verified, the patient profile is updated throughout the IndicaOnline POS system.

How does the IndicaOnline delivery app navigate drivers to their destination? The IndicaOnline delivery app integrates with any navigation app downloaded on the driver's smartphone such as Apple Maps, Google Maps, Waze, etc. to help avoid traffic delays.

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