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Speedy and compliant delivery

Expand your business and boost revenue with our efficient and diverse cannabis delivery features. Enjoy an increased number of orders and improve customer satisfaction.

Dispatcher Mode

Our dispensary POS can operate in Dispatcher Mode. Dispatchers control the whole delivery process and eliminate any problems or delays more efficiently.

Hub and On-Demand delivery models

We support both Hub and On-Demand MMJ delivery models. Everything is handled from one app.

Full control

Driver App supports full control over the creation, monitoring, and proper completion of all deliveries. It also provides detailed information on any order.

Cockpit module

Cockpit module is one more perk created to control your deliveries. Whether it be managing orders or re-assigning them, you are in total control of it.

Smart Assignment

Smart Assignment

Satisfy your customers by reducing marijuana delivery times. Receive suggestions on the best driver for each order based on a predefined delivery time limit.
Automatic manifests

Automatic manifests

Manifests on everything that happened during the run are created automatically. You always have access to this information and can present it to the authorities, if necessary.

Resources for Cannabis Delivery

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