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6 Advancements in Marijuana Dispensary POS Software

November 3, 2017

In the past 5 years, the cannabis industry has undergone a lot of change so it's imperative that marijuana dispensary POS software also adapt. Technology will play a critical role as state’s prepare for recreational legalization. Using a marijuana dispensary POS software that’s reliable and accurate could mean the difference between a successful dispensary and an unexpected shutdown.

Looking ahead, we’ve taken steps to anticipate potential problems and designed features that can streamline cannabis business operations.

State Compliance

With legalization, comes regulations and with regulations comes increased compliance reporting. Keeping track of sales and expense reports can become cluttered and unorganized if attempting to do it manually. Automated reporting is essential when investing in a marijuana POS software especially when every state has different laws.

Why take the risk of jeopardizing your dispensary when you can eliminate this burden all together? Installing a marijuana dispensary POS software that reports to state officials on a daily basis will prevent any missteps.

Digital Displays

Recreational marijuana brings with it an influx of clientele which can easily result in longer waits for customers. Placing digital displays in your cannabis dispensary will help inform customers, keep them entertained, and add valuable advertising space on your sales floor.

Providing touchscreen menus for customers to browse the various products in stock let’s them discover at their own pace. Detailed strain descriptions will give your clientele a clear idea of the medical benefits, desired effects, and certified lab results.

Our digital signage boasts a wide array of useful features including: a customer queue, a digital menu, deal and discount advertising, vertical or horizontal layouts, light and dark themes, video playlists, and social media integration just to name a few. Upgrading the appearance of your storefront will help your cannabis business stand out.

Smart Order Pricing

One of the newest features of our marijuana dispensary POS software is smart order pricing. This feature is designed to assist budtenders in bypassing traditional unit weights.

Dispensary scales are extremely accurate and calculate pricing down to the milligram. Smart order pricing gives budtenders the option to reward customers with a heavier weight while maintaining the unit pricing.

This practice is a common occurrence when serving loyal customers or part of a daily special. We are committed to catering to the need of dispensary staff and increasing user friendly aspects of marijuana dispensary POS software.

Blacklist Network

Ideally every customer that walks into your cannabis dispensary is there to purchase products in an orderly and civilized conduct. However, this is not always the case. Selling a highly profitable product and accepting mostly cash leaves dispensaries susceptible to criminals and unsavory characters.

Our blacklist network is intended to prevent potential problem customers from entering the sales floor. A cannabis business can blacklist unruly customers from their own dispensary. Once blacklisted, reception will be notified when scanning identification that the customer isn’t allowed entry.

Dispensary staff can take this one step further for severe offenses by adding them to the blacklist network. Customers who are caught stealing, berating employees, initiating physical altercations, etc. will be blacklisted from any cannabis business using our marijuana dispensary POS software.

Delivery Dispatcher Mode

More storefront dispensaries are offering marijuana delivery service than ever before. Integrating this service into your existing marijuana dispensary POS software is imperative to optimizing delivery.

We’ve developed a delivery service dispatcher mode that uses real-time GPS tracking to help dispatchers delegate orders with efficiency. Dispatcher mode utilizes smart-order assignment that suggests the best courier for each order based on travel time and the amount of orders in queue.

This revolutionary feature will help reduce fuel costs for drivers and speed up delivery times for the customers. Routing apps such as Waze, and Google maps work with IndicaOnline’s delivery app to provide couriers the quickest route available.

Remote Monitoring

Recently we released Dashboard, a mobile friendly dispensary monitoring application, intended to give dispensary owners real-time updates on sales, customer traffic, and expenses. Managing multiple locations is a reality for many owners and the ability to stay mobile while working offer unique advantages.

Advancements in marijuana dispensary POS software are mandatory to meet the demand of an ever changing market. At IndicaOnline, we understand these challenges and use forward thinking techniques to continually develop features to streamline dispensary operations.