Efficient Marketing

Use SMS and Email marketing to alert customers about new products or promotions, attract new clients, and increase retention.

Customer referrals

Generate and analyze referrals to track and scale your marketing campaigns’ performance.

Loyalty programs

Develop loyalty programs: encourage your customers to earn Store and Sweede credits and use them as payment methods.

Specials & discounts

Benefit from many discounts and promo codes. Create customer groups and specials to deliver targeted offers.

Successful marketing campaigns

Expand your reach through SMS and Email marketing. Both are fast, reliable, and cost-effective tools to draw customers’ attention.

Email marketing

Email marketing

Benefit from sending targeted emails about your latest discounts and sales. Tailor them to your customer lists and create engaging texts and visuals.

SMS marketing

SMS marketing

With the help of Twilio, a robust SMS marketing tool, send bulk SMS with personalized greetings and offerings.

All-in-one management

Create an integrated product catalog with standardized data across all of your locations. Set up and adjust your taxes, labels, prices, customer groups, and loyalty programs.

E-commerce integrations

Increase your online sales. Exploit integrations through popular e-commerce platforms such as Sweede, Weedmaps, and Leafly. Integrate prices, inventory, and promotions with API access.

Resources for Marketing

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