Smart Inventory Management

Audit inventory in real time across all business locations. Know the inventory valuation to track COGs and other parameters.

Workstation-free operations

Forget about being dependent on your static workstation. Enjoy increased efficiency and fully controlled dispensary operations from your iPad.

Incredible speed

No more time-consuming manual counting. Scan up to 900 tags in just 1 second!

Customized audits

Find what you are searching for. Set handy parameters to choose what products need to be scanned during each audit.

Manage expiration dates

Take full advantage of our RFID scanner to spot products that are about to expire and ensure they are sold before the set time. Apply appropriate discounts and instruct your staff to promote them.

Locate problems faster

Use our RFID scanner and find anything on any shelf. Items available “for sale” or “not for sale” are shown on your display.

Be fully compliant

Your inventory information is always up-to-date and connected to your point of sale, back-of-house operations, and compliance reporting.

Resources for Inventory Management

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