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5 Ways Digital Signage Improves Marijuana Dispensaries

October 9, 2017

Cannabis dispensaries are adopting digital signage as the tech wave and medical marijuana industries continue to intersect. It's no wonder as to why, when there are so many benefits of digital signage as opposed to hand-written menus and constantly changing specials. Digital displays can give a cannabis business an edge over the competition as well as save time and money.

IndicaOnline TV Digital Signage

Easy Updates

The major advantage of using digital signage is definitely the ability to easily update menus, advertisements, and daily specials. These tedious tasks have now been simplified. Business owners can now update their daily specials on digital signage using their central marijuana POS software. Menus will automatically update as they'll sync with the current inventory to display in real-time. Budtenders can focus more budtending rather than replacing written specials or erasing out-of-stock menu items. 

Entertain Customers

For high traffic dispensaries having the ability to entertain patients waiting in the lobby will prove extremely useful. Digital displays such as IndicaOnline TV can play high definition videos from video platforms like Youtube. Creating video playlists with relevant cannabis content will keep customers occupied while waiting to see their name atop the patient queue also displayed on the monitor. This type of consideration for the customer will not go unnoticed and likely lead to a high retention rate even during peak hours.

Advertising Advantages

Digital displays offer even more unique opportunities to advertise directly to customers. While overpopulating digital signage with ad after ad will cause a customer to tune out, a strategically placed ad can be very effective. For instance, if you recently added a new item to your inventory an occasional ad will raise awareness and help boost sales. Businesses can even target their advertising to customers waiting in the lobby using the marijuana POS software. It's proven that digital advertising creates higher returns that static advertising so designing a persuasive digital ad is appealing to customers and vendors alike. 

Stay Tech Savvy

Antiquated sales systems and signage can really set back a dispensary. The cannabis industry is growing exponentially and if dispensaries neglect to use advanced technology, they could easily find it effecting their bottom line. Digital signage reflects your cannabis businesses' concept of forward thinking and will give your lobby and sales floor a clean and tech savvy design. Not only will it make it easier on your staff but it also presents a more professional looking dispensary and increases credibility. 


You might be surprised at the amount of waste that old fashioned paper or plastic signage can produce. Considering specials and promotions are changing every week and often times every day, a marijuana dispensary can have quite a large carbon footprint. Not only is this detrimental to the environment, but it can also put a pretty big dent in your expenses budget. Digital signage eliminates the waste and cost allowing business owners to make changes to multiple displays remotely.

Free Digital Signage

Fortunately, we understand the importance of implementing this technology into cannabis dispensaries, For a limited time we are offering our IndicaOnline TV service free on up to five devices when you sign-up for our marijuana POS Software.