Lightning-Fast Delivery

An all-in-one software package to manage your fleet. Use handy features to increase your delivery capacity and manage all orders with ease.

Operates in Dispatcher Mode

Your dispatcher is a manager assigned to supervise every stage of the delivery. They manage the fulfillment operations, rearrange priorities, and select the fastest routes to ensure customer satisfaction.

Covers Two Types of Deliveries

Maximize profits from third-party delivery services with our feature-loaded delivery software, Driver App, and Cockpit Module. Choose between Hub-Based and On-Demand delivery models to fit your cannabis delivery needs.

Stay Compliant

Play by the rules effortlessly. Be sure that all drivers get a digital ID verification or signature.

Get Detailed Manifests

Get Detailed Manifests

Make use of automatically-created and saved manifests. Present all information on order or status to authorities at any time to stay compliant.

Stay in Control

Stay in Control

Manage and re-assign orders with the help of our Cockpit Module. Increase your delivery capacity, easily manage orders, and avoid complaints.

Reduce Delivery Times

Minimize inconveniences and delays. Use our Smart Assignment Feature to choose the most appropriate driver for any particular order, create a significantly modified route, and get the ETA based on the traffic conditions.

Analyze Driver Performance

Track driver performance and use the data to help fellow drivers increase productivity and efficiency.

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