Back Management

Make effective and efficient decisions for your business using centralized data insights and visibility. Keep all the back-of-house operations under your arm’s reach.

Accurate Inventory Management

Our unique tracking technology provides real time updates that you can use to count unit by unit, gram by gram or cent by cent in real-time.

Vendor Management

  • You can manage your vendors and clients in one place. Taxes are automatically calculated based on the vendor profile.
  • You can assign special discounts to your VIP clients.
  • Your customer will receive automatic notifications and emails about the upcoming orders.

Metrc Integration

No need to upload anything to Metrc manually. Distro automates the whole process for you: all the customer, product data and transportation details are collected and sent via transfer templates to Metrc system from the minute sales order is approved.

IndicaOnline POS Integration

If your customers are using IndicaOnline POS software, the sold items will be automatically enlisted in their menu with seamless integration at the moment of delivery

Fleet Management

Once you create your fleet profile and input the driver’s personal and car details, you’ll never have to re-enter the information manually. Simply select the driver profile for a specific order, and the data is automatically uploaded to Metrc system.

If you use a third-party logistics service, the flow is the same. All the shipment details are sent to Metrc and to Distro Driver App. The driver app is available to download from App store and Google PlayStore.

Controlled Access

Controlled Access

Controlled access allows you to set your own rules and limits for staff. Choose what will be restricted and what will be allowed, and revoke access at any time.

Detailed Reports

Detailed Reports

Distro will keep your records straight. If there is an audit, you will be able to provide accurate reports on supply levels.


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