RFID Scanner

Increase the efficiency, accuracy and flexibility by using the state of the art technology for inventory management.

Daily Audits in Minutes

With our RFID technology you’ll save dozens of hours, employee effort and still have a 360-degree overview of the whole inventory in your warehouse.

accuracy at each scan
increase in company revenue
items in just 1 second

Save Time And Money

Instead of your employees counting every single item in every single aisle, RFID scanner will complete the same task in minutes.

Stay on Top of Compliance

With real time, automated reporting into the main database, RFID scanner allows you to be on top of compliance at all times. You are always covered thanks to accurate data and complete transparency with all the state authorities.

Boost Your Employees' Performance

Improve your warehouse's efficiency by automating monotonous tasks with our RFID technology.

No Detail Goes Unnoticed

No Detail Goes Unnoticed

Real-time updates allows you to always know which items and in what quantities are in your warehouse.

Monitor Expiration Dates

Monitor Expiration Dates

With us you will be equipped with all the tools you need to be in control over expiring products. With a simple swipe RFID reader will locate expiring inventory.


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