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Streamline front of house operations, boost sales and create a dynamic customer experience. Customize promotions and offerings in a snap with instant updates from any location on an unlimited number of devices and screens in every store.

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2-Column Layout included

Our complete integration with the state medical boards makes physician verification quick and easy. It is crucial for your collective to make sure that the physician you are working with is properly licensed by the state medical board.

Vert/Horiz Orientation Support

Digital signage is designed to be displayed in either Horizontal or Vertical orientation. Although Horizontal is often standard, Vertical orientation creates space for a longer menu list.

Light and Dark Theme

Our fully functional and system integrated menu board templates are offered in two designs that can be displayed utilizing a light theme with a white background or a dark theme with a black background.

Products List

Product prices and availability are retrieved automatically from the POS system and are updated in real time. Display is instantly updated, streamlining service, saving time and money.

List of Patients in the Queue

Once checked in, each patient's name is directly displayed in the queue on the screen. Customize the right side of the screen with advertising or promotions. Use QR codes to allow customers to view product info or download instant coupons on their mobile phones.

Specials and Discounts

Advertise daily specials, and exclusive sale prices. Product prices are received directly from the POS system so that updates occur immediately. Promotions adjust automatically as the inventory changes or is no longer available.

Customizable Ads and Banners

You may easily customize Ads and Banners to pop up on your display at any time and for any duration. With a nice digital display (or a few of them) around your facility, it will be a snap getting your message across and enhancing your business.

Show Your Video from YouTube

There are thousands of videos with content that relates to your business. Putting this type of alluring information on the screen lets both staff and patients stay entertained and up to date with latest information.

Show Your Social Accounts

Add a social hub to your office by setting up hashtags, promoting your facebook page displaying your latest tweets, and showing off your best Instagram pics.


What hardware do I need to use IndicaOnline TV?
To operate IndicaOnline TV you’ll need an HD TV with HDMI Inputs, and Apple TV Generation 4 or higher to download the Indica POS app from the app store.

Can I display multiple menus?
Yes. You can display multiple menus on IndicaOnline TV. Menus for various products can be created and included in the TV playlist right in your IndicaOnline account.

Is there extra charge for more than one display?
No. IndicaOnline offers free service on up to 5 different displays.

Can I display videos?
Yes. You can add videos to your display using Youtube links that will play videos from your own channel or any Youtube video you choose.

Can I upload images for my products?
Yes. Dispensaries can upload custom images of flower strains, edibles, concentrates, or any other product your carry.

Can I connect more than one Apple TV?
Yes. Multiple Apple TV’s can connect to IndicaOnline POS so you can have digital displays in various locations throughout your dispensary.

Can I display my patient wait list?
Yes. Your patient wait list can be easily added to your digital signage to let patients know when it's time to enter the sales room. IndicaOnline TV only displays the patient’s first name for privacy and only occupies a small portion of the screen.

Do I need to be at the dispensary to make changes to IndicaOnline TV?
No. You can make changes to IndicaOnline TV from anywhere by making playlist adjustments in your IndicaOnline account.

Can I use IndicaOnline TV without being connected to the internet?
Yes, you can use your IndicaOnline TV even if you are offline. IndicaOnline TV is synced to our POS software therefore you can lose your connection and still display the menu.

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