Distro Express

Make your deliveries Efficient from start to finish with the help of Distro Driver, full-featured delivery management app

Driver Profile

Driver Profile

  • First & last name of a driver
  • Driver's license
  • Occupational license

Car Profile

Car Profile

  • Make and model of a vehicle
  • License plate numbers

Fleet Management

After the profile is created, the information will be stored in your fleet management dashboard. Every time you need to create transfer template, you can simply select driver and a vehicle and the information is automatically uploaded to Metrc.

If you use a third-party logistics service, the flow is the same. Instead of your driver’s information the transfer template will include details of your transportation provider.

Delivery Compliance

  • Distro handles the whole delivery process compliance for you.
  • No need to send anything to Metrc Manually.
  • All the order details: driver’s and car profiles, product and customer information, the delivery route is automatically uploaded to Metrc system with the sales order template.

Route Optimization and Real-Time Tracking

Distro automatically sets the route for the driver that is already uploaded to Metrc system. No need to do it manually.

The App collects and stores virtual ledgers – record book of each trip. All the stops and turns that the driver makes will be available to download upon request. And if the driver makes an uncoordinated stop you will know the reason why.

With Distro’s real-time tracking you will have full visibility and control on the whole delivery process.

Order Status Updates

Before starting a route, the driver needs to scan the barcodes of all packages at the warehouse to ensure that the right package goes to the right customer. If they scan the wrong item, the app will warn them.

You can print and provide all the necessary documents: Certificate of analysis, packing slip or invoice, box count labels, to ensure compliant delivery.

Upon arrival, the driver confirms the order in the app and collects excise tax from each dispensary. The amount to be collected is automatically calculated by Distro app.

Returns and Rejections

If the customer rejects a package, or part of a package, the notice is automatically sent to Metrc, detailing which products and in what quantities need to be sent back to the warehouse.

Distro automatically captures all rejected items from Metrc so you’ll have full visibility about the package’s whereabouts before it arrives back to your warehouse to be sold again.


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