Modern Cannabis Retail Environment

A flawless software experience is what makes your customers comfortable, leading to higher sales. Operate much faster and stay compliant. 

Fully Optimized

We optimized our front-of-the-house solution by working together with thousands of cannabis shop owners.

Fit for Use Solutions

Thanks to the virtual queue management, the Apple TV menu, and the Mobile POS station, you have all you need to strengthen your relationship with clients. Your customers can feel more relaxed and freely move around your dispensary instead of waiting in a queue. Budtenders will be able to help them instead of spending all day behind the counter.

Cloud-based POS

Our cloud-based system was designed to guarantee efficient operations and enforce full compliance.

ID Verification and Order Creation

You operate faster with effortless ID verification and intuitive order creation with a bonus program on the go.

Purchase Limits

Purchase Limits

Automatic built-in purchase warnings will stop budtenders from exceeding state transaction limits and prevent overselling to customers who visit the store multiple times per day.

Stress-Proof Environment

Stress-Proof Environment

Our system is easily accessible. It increases employee performance, especially during a customer surge, and allows you to manage the business faster, increasing productivity.


Go mobile and manage your fleet of drivers without buying any external software. Keep most of your delivery profit by cutting out third-party delivery services.

Expanded Payment Possibilities

You can either accept cash or opt for debit card processing. It’s a proven boost to your sales.

Resources for Retail Experience

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