Inventory Management

Get done more with less effort by automating mundane tasks.

Know Your Inventory

  • With automatic inventory reports you’ll know exactly what you have in your warehouse in real-time.
  • Distro allows you to create multiple storages and vaults in which the inventory is kept.
  • All the packages and incoming manifests are synced with Metrc.
  • Product adjustments are automatically sent to Metrc.
Integrated Product Catalog

Integrated Product Catalog

With all the product information centralized in one place, you can easily manage an integrated product catalog of everything you have in your warehouse.

Manage Expiration Dates

Manage Expiration Dates

With Distro you can monitor product expiration dates in real-time, reduce shrinkage and ensure high quality of your products.

Inventory Audit

Inventory Audit

No more guesswork when it comes to inventory. Inventory auditing with high-speed inventory RFID scanners free employees from monotonous tasks & save time and money.


Label barcode is used to be scanned by the driver to verify the order before the delivery. Distro allows to generate and print label for both, incoming (received by distro facility) and outgoing (transferred from distro) of manifests. Outgoing labels contain manifest number, barcode, receiver and sender information.

If order is packed in more than one box, the system allows to specify box count to print separate label for each box.

In case distributor facility receives the prepared incoming manifest for further delivery, labels can be printed immediately for such manifest, avoiding transferring the manifest through the whole distro system flow.

Package Management

  • Distro ensures that all the package information during the distribution process is synced with Metrc.
  • You can create child tags automatically before creating the transfer template.
  • Split packages with ease. No need to upload COAs each time you create splits. It’s automatically inherited from source package.
  • Testing process has never been easier. With Distro you can create and submit test-package to the lab with ease. And it’s all aligned with Metrc.


Distro automatically captures all rejected items from Metrc so you have full visibility about the package’s whereabouts before it arrives back to your warehouse to be resold again.

After the package is returned to the warehouse, you can simply repack the items, meaning the history of the product will be wiped clean (besides the source package information). Then you can send this item to another buyer and make a new sale with just few clicks.

Compliant Operations

Compliant Operations

Our Metrc integration ensures full transparency and compliance with state authorities. Every single step of the business operations is approved and coordinated. The best feature is that the process is fully automated. No need to worry about uploading anything manually. Distro handles everything in few simple clicks.

Workstation-Free Operations

Workstation-Free Operations

Forget about being chained to your office desk. Work more efficiently from anywhere and have more control over your business operations with Distro, available both in desktop browser and mobile app interfaces.


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