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You thrive — we manage the rest

IndicaOnline designs and continuously refines compliant and efficient cannabis software.

We’re passionate about helping Cannabis go mainstream through your successful operations

Our software helps you handle every aspect of your business. We are there for you from your very first payment to scaling up to multiple locations. We are committed to our clients’ success.


Launch of Full-Stack Cannabis Distribution Software - Distro App.


Relaunch of Potify as with new look, name and features.


IndicaOnline kept processing cannabis sales and managed to withstand the pandemic.


Potify was launched.


IndicaOnline started operating in Oregon and Canada.


Delivery App was introduced.


IndicaOnline was established in California.

Making your workflow flawless

IndicaOnline was the first to develop a fully compliant solution for cannabis dispensaries. We have improved all operations by running the business smoothly and efficiently since 2011.

Simplified delivery and inventory

We added modules and features that help our clients grow their profits. Our Delivery module gives you full mobility with its set of highly optimized and versatile features. Our RFID scanner speeds up and simplifies all inventory accounting operations.

We continuously listen to you and your needs, and we work together to implement tools and new features to make you succeed.



We always put your time and success first. Your queries are only handled by the best and most qualified employees.
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Continuity first

Haste makes waste. Before launching a new product or implementing new features, we make sure that the launch does not affect your operations. Every sale counts.
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We encourage all of our team members to provide feedback and suggestions. All ideas are appreciated and taken into consideration. The same goes for our clients’ suggestions and concerns.
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No matter how far we get or what heights we reach - we never stop. We know that there is always room for improvement.
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Whether it’s by bringing about changes in the industry or helping our clients achieve their potential, we constantly push ourselves to the limit.
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Customer care

We value your feedback and suggestions when designing new features. You can submit any requests for software modifications and then vote on them. With this approach, we select and implement the most needed features first.
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Join our team

If you’re into doing meaningful work and constantly developing your skills, then you’re in the right place. We strongly believe that all of our employees deserve autonomy, challenging tasks, work-life balance, and flexibility to enjoy their working time. We also make sure you get extended benefits and perks. Ready to join our amazing team? Explore our job listings now!