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4 Ways a Dispensary POS Can Speed Up Checkout

November 27, 2017

Processing transactions for dispensary customers can either be a painless process or awkward frustrating experience. Speeding up checkout times is simple when using a smart dispensary POS software that calculates cost and tax compliance.

In this article, we’ll offer up a few tips on how to reduce checkout times in order to serve more customers in your cannabis retailer.

Prepackaged Product

Currently, one of the most time consuming steps in the checkout process is weighing and pricing marijuana flower. This step is necessary when using marijuana that is stored in bulk, however selling prepackaged product can really speed up the transaction time in a busy sales room.

Weighing and prepackaging marijuana into standard increments is great way for budtenders to grab and go when fulfilling an order. Starting in 2018, new regulations mandate that distributors pre-package all cannabis goods. This will save cannabis retail owners hundreds of manhours prepackaging and labelling new inventory.

Barcode Scanner

Implementing a dispensary POS unit that comes with a barcode scanner included is a game changer for checkout times. Scanning marijuana labels will instantly add them to your customer’s cart and calculate the new subtotal.

RFID barcode scanners will be essential when meeting state enforced seed-to-sale tracking and compliance. Investing in a dispensary POS unit that comes standard with this feature will certainly cut down on transaction times and prepare you for the future of retail cannabis.

Smart Order Pricing

Smart order pricing is a newly designed feature that gives budtenders the ability to increase the weight of flower while maintaining price per unit for ⅛, ¼, ½, or 1 oz. Providing this weigh-heavy and discount capability will help reconcile customer discrepancies and reward loyal customers.

Budtenders can simply select the strain and the desired increment, and weigh out marijuana slightly heavier without changing the pricing. This feature will save time trying to add discounts or specials to reduce the price for the customer. Dispensary staff should not be trying to find ways to trick the system but be offered ways to increase efficiency.

Paperless Receipts

Persuading customers to choose the option to receive their receipt through email rather than a paper receipt will also help improve checkout times. Providing a paperless option shows the customers your environmentally conscious as well as tech savvy.

Email receipts are sent as soon as the transaction is complete so customers aren’t forced to wait for their physical receipt. While it may not seem like much time, the more customers you convince to go paperless the faster your cannabis operation will run.

A industry specific dispensary POS system like IndicaOnline can transform how efficiently your marijuana retailer does business. Request a free demo to see how our cutting edge software can improve your dispensary.