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Enhance Customer Satisfaction with Dispensary POS

March 22, 2018

High customer satisfaction at your cannabis retailer is achieved through a variety of ways. Employing qualified and friendly budtenders is a key component to providing excellent customer service but when armed with a powerful marijuana dispensary POS, they can truly realize their potential.

In this article, we’ll cover a few ways utilizing your marijuana dispensary POS can improve customer satisfaction and increase your retention rate.

Expedited Check-In

Creating a good first impression is everything, and if your clientele is spending more time in the waiting area filling out forms and checking in the likelihood they return is low. Ensuring that your cannabis retailer runs a smooth and expedited check-in is the first step in persuading them to return. Providing tablets for patients to digitally sign collective agreements and enter their information will take less time and less paper.

Receptionists can use the marijuana dispensary POS to quickly validate the age and pull up existing customers profiles. Doing so will also add their name to the customer queue so budtenders can see which customers are awaiting service. IndicaOnline also includes a card scanner that can automatically fill in related fields based on the information on a customer’s drivers license.

Informative Budtenders

Knowledge is power and the same is true when serving clientele in cannabis retailers. Budtenders who can provide accurate and understandable information about all the products in stock will typically have a higher rate of sales. Trying to commit all of this information to memory might be a tall ask, but fortunately with the help of a marijuana dispensary POS, it can all be accessed at budtenders fingertips.

Strain categories, product descriptions, lab results, and available discounts can easily be conveyed to the customer in a matter of seconds. Smart budtenders can even check a patient’s profile to view their previous purchases to gain better understanding of their cannabis preferences. Equipping your employees with an innovative marijuana dispensary POS will allow them to inform and engage customers more effectively.

Digital Loyalty Program

Forgetting a paper loyalty card is a common occurrence among cannabis dispensary clientele. No longer will it be the responsibility of the customer to remind the budtender to stamp or punch their loyalty card. Cannabis retailers that use a well-designed marijuana dispensary POS can now keep track of a customer’s loyalty points digitally.

Reward point will automatically be assigned when a customer purchases a certain amount of cannabis or visits your storefront frequently. When checking out, it’ll will be easy for budtender to ask the customer if they wish to use their loyalty points toward their purchase. If so, the discount will immediately be applied and the customer will only have to pay the remaining balance.

Integrated Menu Displays

The interior design of your marijuana retailer actually plays more of a role than you think. Walking into a dark and dingy dispensary elicits a different emotion during your shopping experience than entering into a bright and clean storefront. Retailers who embrace a sleek design and tech savvy atmosphere will often see more customers return.

Installing high definition TVs to display your menus will convey how much you care about you business and your clientele. Investing in digital menu displays that can integrate directly with your marijuana dispensary POS inventory will also save time and money. IndicaOnline offers this type service free on up to 5 devices when you use our software. Sign-up for a free 14-day trial to start exploring all that IndicaOnline can offer your cannabis retailer.