POS System for Cannabis Dispensaries
Est. 2011

POS System for Cannabis Deliveries
Est. 2011

MMJ POS System for DispensariesFind Out More

Marijuana POS System for Dispensaries

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  • Choose YoUr Plan

  • 24/7 Online & Phone Verification
  • Daily Financial Summary
  • ID Scanning & Auto Fill
  • Cloud Storage of Medical Records
  • Unlimited Patients
  • Statistics & Reporting
  • Referrals Tracking & Analysis
  • Online Appointments and Registration
  • Advanced Financial Summary
  • iPhone App
  • SMS/Email notifications
  • Expense Management
  • Automated Reminders
  • Staff Management
  • Physician Licenses

MMJ POS Features

Track one or multiple locations

Track and manage one or multiple locations from one place. Access detailed statistics and track inventory and staff for each particular location.

Track Vendors and Consignments

Manage all your vendors from any device at any place, pay off consignment, wholesale ordering.

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Streamline Your Dispensary With Us

We simplify every aspect of cannabis sales

Digital Signage


Product List Product prices and availability are retrieved automatically from the POS system and are updated in real time. Display in instantly updated, streamlining service, saving time and money.

List of Patients in the Queue Once checked in, each patient's name is directly displayed in the queue on the screen. Customize the right side of the screen with advertising or promotions.


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POS Hardware


PayPoint integrates a receipt printer, cash drawer, MSR, barcode scanner and customer-facing display. The flip-for-signature screen encourages shopper engagement and electronic receipt delivery. Bluetooth connectivity and expansion ports allows for the addition of optional peripherals such as a handheld scanner or weight scale.

For traditional payments, leverage the built-in MSR or add Elo’s optional NFC reader for contactless payments and proximity marketing. For EMV support, pair with your preferred EMV reader via USB or Bluetooth to provide your customers with a full-function, mobile point of sale experience that supports highly secure EMV transactions.



IndicaOnline is connected directly to the Potify platform so customers can order delivery or schedule a pick-up online. All inventory updates are automated and dispensaries receive a dedicated webpage on the platform. Customers can browse the menu, earn cashback, read reviews, and sign-up as a member of the dispensary.


IndicaOnline is integrated with Weedmaps, one of the largest online dispensary directories. You can sync your Weedmaps profile directly with your inventory so when you add new products or a product sells out, the menu will instantly reflect the changes. You’ll never have to update your Weedmaps menu again.


IndicaOnline is integrated with Franwell’s Metrc Reporting Software. Sales and inventory reports sync in real-time with METRC API. All purchase orders, sales adjustments, and batch closures sync automatically. Compliance reporting is guaranteed and logging into METRC is not required.

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  • Choose YoUr Plan

  • POS Licenses
  • Staff Accounts
  • Delivery Couriers
  • Digital TV Menu
  • Hardware Integration
  • Mobile Dashboard Analytics
  • Batch Tracking
  • Advanced Reporting
  • Automated Metrc Reporting
  • Customer Black List
  • Multilocation Management
  • Dispensary Delivery Service
  • SMS/Email Marketing Campaigns
  • Customer Referral Tracking
  • Staff TimeClock
  • Website Ecommerce Integration
  • 10,000 Marketing Emails

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    $299 month-to-month
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How does the website Integration work? IndicaOnline will provide you with Woocommerce plugin for your WordPress website. By installing our plugin you will enable your website to display your entire IndicaOnline menu as well as it will allow your patients to register online, sign membership agreements and upload documents if required. Ask us how you can integrate your WordPress Website with IndicaOnline plugin.

Where is my data stored? All information is stored in maximum-security data centers in multiple locations in US and Canada, protected against unauthorized retrieval with 256-bit SSL file encryption, and protected by armed security personnel. Our 100% secure cloud-based software is HIPAA certified, meeting and exceeding security standards for data transmission and storage.

Do I need to enter my credit card details to sign up? Yes. In order to sign up and use IndicaOnline for 14 days, you would need to enter your credit card details. At the end of your trial, or when you decide to launch your store, you will need to pick a plan and your credit card on file will be automatically charged.

Can I use IndicaOnline POS with my own payment terminal? Yes. You can activate custom payment options within the IndicaOnline POS app (such as cash, check, CC terminal) and record any type of payment.

Can I transfer my data to IndicaOnline from another POS system? Yes. Switching to IndicaOnline will be smooth and easy.

In what states and Countries IndicaOnline is available? Currently, IndicaOnline is available and compliant in all mj legal US States and Canada

How long are your contracts? All IndicaOnline plans are month to month unless you sign up for an annual or biennial plan.

Can I change my plan later on? Absolutely! You can upgrade or downgrade your plan at any time.

Can I cancel my account at any time? Yes. If you ever decide that IndicaOnline isn't the best POS system for your business, simply cancel your account from your control panel.

Will I be able to track my in-store and online sales separately? IndicaOnline Reports feature is customizable. You can track your online and in-store sales together, separately – however you want.

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