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3 Cannabis Compliant Dispensary Loyalty Programs

January 11, 2018

Implementing dispensary loyalty programs at marijuana retailers has always been an effect means to retain customers and grow the clientele database. Now that recreational cannabis is legal and new regulations are in effect, many retailers are wondering if traditional loyalty programs will meet state compliance mandates.

One thing dispensaries can be sure of is giving out freebies to new customers is not allowed. However, earning credits through loyalty programs that can eventually be redeemed for cash value is still fair game.

In this article, we’ll cover a few dispensary loyalty programs that are state compliant under the new cannabis regulations.

Cash Back Points

Earning cash back points is probably the best way for cannabis retailers to incentivize customers to up their spending habits. Dispensary loyalty programs that offer cash back will help customers accrue points after spending a specified amount in-store. The spending amount can be customized using smart cannabis POS software that will automatically assign points based on the total purchase.

Cash back points can be converted into currency and redeemed once a customer has earned enough to pay for the product of their choice. The conversion rate is set by the retailer owner or manager to ensure that the profit margin isn’t compromised. It’s important to note that this loyalty program isn’t designed to give away free cannabis but reward customers who spend regularly at the same marijuana dispensary.

Customer Referrals

Rewarding current customers who refer new business is one of the best ways to use dispensary loyalty programs to grow your cannabis retailer. Offering special promotions for customer referrals is a great way to boost sales numbers during slow periods.

IndicaOnline’s cannabis software allows dispensary owners to set the amount of loyalty points earned for customer referrals. Removing limits on the amount of referrals one patient can make is actually very beneficial for all parties. Motivating your current clientele to continually bring in new patients could potentially grow your dispensary exponentially.

Check-In Bonus

As more cannabis retailers update their operations with tablet technology, the check-in process is proving to be a valuable way to collect valuable customer information. Creating custom check-in forms that ask for basic contact information, where or who referred them to your retailer, and how they prefer to be contacted is great way to optimize your dispensary marketing and advertising.

Customers will be more willing to provide this information if they are given something in return. Providing bonus points for checking in during every visit will bolster customer loyalty and help your business analyze valuable customer data that can improve operations.

E-Sign MD is an application that is designed to help retailers create customized digital check-in forms that save time while collecting valuable information. It’s easy to implement and syncs directly with your IndicaOnline POS system. To learn more about E-Sign MD and dispensary loyalty programs available within IndicaOnline, schedule a free demonstration.