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5 Dispensary Point of Sale Features Budtenders Love

March 20, 2018

Processing cannabis transactions at the point of sale is ideally a smooth and painless process but occasionally roadblocks can occur. Budtenders are the primary users of retail registers and will come to appreciate dispensary point of sale features that make check-out a pleasant experience.

Today we’ll cover a few dispensary point of sale features available with IndicaOnline that every budtender will love.

Barcode Scanner

Ringing up items should never be a labor intensive process. Built-in barcode scanners will make adding products to the cart seamless and simple. For many states where marijuana is legal for recreational use, every product is tracked using a unique barcode. Having the ability to quickly scan these barcodes will make sure your cannabis retailer is maintaining state compliance.

Integrated Scales

For cannabis retailers that still weigh out each order, dispensary point of sale features like integrated scales are essential. Using NTEP certified scales will precisely weigh and calculate the price for any amount of marijuana. Utilizing integrated scales will minimize the chances of human error and maximize the profits of each cannabis batch.

Smart Order Pricing

One of the most utilized dispensary point of sale features by budtenders is smart order pricing. This feature enables dispensary sales associates to increase the weight of cannabis flower while maintaining the per price unit such as ⅛, ¼, ½, or 1 oz. Having the capability to weigh heavy to reward loyal customers, alleviate discrepancies, or compensate for shake or stems is a huge advantage.

Applying Loyalty Points

Using paper loyalty cards is an antiquated method of tracking customer loyalty points. Using advanced marijuana software will automatically assign loyalty points to a customer’s profile every time they visit your dispensary. This will be extremely helpful when customers decide to use their credits at checkout. Budtenders will simply select to use loyalty credits when prompted for payment method and the discount will be applied.    

Staff Time Clock

Ensuring that dispensary employees have an easy and reliable way to clock-in and clock-out every day is vital to keeping an accurate record of hours worked. One small mistake and a budtender could be working off the clock and find their pay directly affected. IndicaOnline’s time clock is incredibly easy to use and will remove the hassle of filling out time cards or logging hours manually.

These are just a few of the dispensary point of sale features that budtender will enjoy when servicing clientele. To explore more industry specific features, sign-up for a free 14-day trial of IndicaOnline.