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4 Solutions for High Traffic Marijuana Dispensaries

April 18, 2018

Cannabis retailers everywhere typically see a spike in sales around this time of year as 4/20 is only days away. For high traffic marijuana dispensaries, dealing with the increase in clientele requires some finesse to maintain customer satisfaction. Operating smoothly during peak hours will allow your storefront to turn a profit all while staying organized and efficient.

In this article, we’ll mention a few ways high traffic marijuana dispensaries can accommodate a flood of consumers and not be overwhelmed.

Seamless Sign-In

Keeping you traffic flowing starts at your customer sign-in. Providing your patrons with a dispensary digital sign-in using tablet technology will allow your customers to spend minimal amount of checking in and alleviate long lines at the receptionist. Using one staff member to validate the age of every customer while the receptionist only handles new patients and customers will also speed up the process.

This 4/20 high traffic marijuana dispensaries in California are expecting more new customers than ever before due recreational legalization. Cannabis retailers who have implemented advanced dispensary software, like IndicaOnline, will be able to onboard new clientele much easier with automated data entry functionality. Receptionists can simply scan their state ID and the information from their license autofills in the corresponding profile fields.

Customer Queue

Prioritizing organization will optimize protocols within high traffic marijuana dispensaries. One feature that can help dispensary staff and clientele stay on the same page is a customer queue. Once a customer signs-in digitally their name is automatically added to the queue and can be seen by the sales staff to let them know who is next in line.

Installing digital signage that automatically syncs with your dispensary software will also display the customer queue for clientele so they are informed how many customers are in front of them. When staff call on customers by their first name to let them know they next in line, it establishes a more personal relationship between the budtender and the consumer.

Efficient Point-of-Sale

When serving patrons in a high traffic marijuana dispensary, it is essential to stay efficient and operating with an advanced cannabis point-of-sale system is imperative. Using a POS software that is intuitive and reliable will make processing sales incredibly simple. Reducing transactions times all comes down to how easy it is to ring up products, accept payment, print receipts, and package the purchase.

IndicaOnline not only provides cannabis retailers with exceptional point-of-sale software but also uses an innovative all-in-one register that includes a barcode scanner, ID swiper, receipt printer, and electronic cash drawer. Our one of a kind POS system removes the need for bulky external hardware giving your dispensary clean counter space to do business.

In-Store Pick-Up or Delivery

Another way to increase the speed in which your patrons are served is to inform them about your pick-up and delivery service. Letting your existing clientele know that they can place an order online and have it ready for pick-up or even better, delivered to their door may convince many to avoid shopping in-store.

Platforms such as Potify, make it easy for dispensaries to accept and prepare orders in advance. Users can earn cashback plus save themselves time and stress trying to brave the crowds of 4/20. All of this is possible with IndicaOnline’s dispensary software service. Sign-up for a free 14-day trail to see how we can make your high traffic marijuana dispensary a well oiled machine.