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5 Ways to Improve Dispensary Delivery Service

January 17, 2018

Cannabis retailers are constantly searching for ways to acquire new customers. Establishing a dispensary delivery service is a great way to reach clientele that may not be able to visit a storefront. Coordinating a fleet of cannabis couriers and ensuring orders reach their final decision has always been a complicated process.

Fortunately, technology has given marijuana dispensaries a new way to handle delivery. Mobile applications allow dispatchers to see a courier’s location, current stock, and delivery time estimates with ease. Updating antiquated delivery operations is essential in meeting the increased demand caused by recreational marijuana.

In this article, we’ll go over a few ways to improve your dispensary delivery service to ensure your marijuana business is sustainable.

Dispatching Orders

For a dispensary delivery service to operate efficiently, both the dispatcher and courier need to be on the same page. In the past, this has been extremely difficult as orders were sent out by text or a direct phone call. IndicaOnline has solved this issue by designing an application for dispatchers and delivery drivers that allows seamless communication.

Smart order assignment will automatically suggest the best driver for each order allowing dispatchers to quickly process multiple delivery requests. Couriers simply accept the order to view all the details and map the route to the delivery destination. Enabling the app with location services will provide the dispatcher with the real time location of every courier. This extremely helpful in providing the fastest delivery speed to awaiting customers.

Navigation Integration

Another beneficial feature that cannabis couriers enjoy is the navigation integration. Our mobile delivery app works hand-in-hand with popular navigation apps like Google Maps and Waze.  Finding the best route can save delivery drivers time and fuel making each shift more profitable.

Avoiding areas with congested traffic and road construction will also allow customers to receive their orders in a timely fashion. For couriers who are new to the delivery area, this feature will be a necessity when fulfilling orders to several locations a day.

Paperless Transactions

Once delivery drivers reach their destination processing the transaction has gone completely paperless. The IndicaOnline mobile application transforms courier’s mobile device into a point-of-sale register. After the order is paid for, customers will receive an email receipt when the transaction is complete.

Couriers can upload doctor’s recommendation from medical patients and verify them instantaneously. Both medical and recreational customers will be able to e-sign collective agreements and choose their preferred method of payment.

Delivery Insights

Optimizing your dispensary delivery service will also entail analyzing the insights over the course of several weeks and months. IndicaOnline’s POS system will generate accurate reports allowing retail owner to monitor the distance, time, and performance of every courier. Reviewing these analytics will help identify logistical issues and couriers that may be underperforming.

These delivery insights also offer sales numbers by region and zip code which is extremely helpful in creating geo-targeted marketing campaigns. Understanding the preferred products in specific areas can give your cannabis retailer an edge when engaging consumers.

Customer Feedback

One of the best ways to improve your marijuana dispensary delivery service is soliciting customer feedback after the transaction takes place. Sending out quick surveys will allow customers to voice their appreciation, concerns, and suggestions regarding your delivery service.

Finding ways to address customer concerns can result in a change in policy or training techniques. Boosting customer satisfaction is imperative for any dispensary delivery service and taking the time to learn how customers perceive your brand is vital to succeeding. IndicaOnline continues to develop new features as the cannabis industry evolves. Sign-up for a free 14-day trail to discover how our software can streamline your delivery service.