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4 Tools for Managing Marijuana Dispensary Staff

January 16, 2018

Commercial cannabis retailers are already seeing a significant spike in marijuana sales in California. Meeting the increased customer demand is forcing more businesses to hire additional marijuana dispensary staff. Onboarding new budtenders, receptionists, and managers can help your cannabis retailer service high volume traffic flow.

Training new employees certainly has its challenges but managing a large staff can unbearable if the business is unequipped with time saving technology. Tracking hours, employees sales, and creating permissions is simplified with smart dispensary software.

In this article, we’ll offer up a few tips on managing marijuana dispensary staff and explore how innovative cannabis software can simplify employee operations.

Digital Time Clock

Tracking employee hours is essential in providing accurate compensation to marijuana dispensary staff. However, using an advanced marijuana POS system makes this easy. Budtenders can quickly clock-in initializing the digital time clock that stays active until the employee clocks out.

Implementing this staff management tool will ensure that employees clock-in before each shift and clock-out once their drawer is counted. Calculating hours over a week or two weeks is extremely easy and will help business owners simplify payroll for all employees.

Staff Permissions

Every role within a cannabis retailer will use your cannabis POS software differently. Setting staff permissions is essential in controlling which point-of-sale features are accessible to your dispensary employees. Restricting sales staff from editing hours worked or marketing functionality will prevent mistakes and interference.

The goal of setting staff permissions is to providing the various roles at cannabis retailers with a specific tool set within the software rather than handing them the keys to the kingdom. Allowing full access to newcomers is especially risky and establishing permissions is the perfect way to avoid a costly incident.

Staff Categories

Creating staff categories is a great way to simplify setting permissions for new employees. Assigning specific permissions to each employee category within a cannabis retailer will allow owners and manager to apply permissions instantaneously.

For instance, once a new staff member is added to the budtender category, they’ll only be able to use the functionality related to their job description. Common staff categories include budtender, receptionist, delivery driver, marketer, and manager. Depending upon your marijuana dispensary staff structure, you can customize employee categories to suit your needs.

Monitor Sales

Another handy staff feature your dispensary POS system can offer is an activity monitor. Having the capability to monitor transactions made by both budtenders and delivery drivers will give managers clear indicators on the efficiency of employees. This will help managers recognize staff shortcomings and identify areas where employees can improve.

In addition, dispensary owners and managers can analyze when foot traffic hits a lull and delegate staff to tackle other tasks such as counting inventory or cleaning the premises. There are many ways to manage marijuana dispensary staff but utilizing the tools found in your cannabis software will inform and empower your business.

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