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Top 5 Cannabis Retailer Best Practices For Increasing Sales

June 20, 2018

Increasing sales at your marijuana dispensary may be as easy as establishing a few core cannabis retailer best practices. By instituting these specific protocols your cannabis retailer can keep your clientele engaged and informed on discounts, specials, and events.

In this article, we’ll mention a few cannabis retailer best practices that can lead to lucrative sales opportunities and a high customer retention rate.

Creating a Customer Experience

One aspect that will stand out in a customer’s mind is their customer experience when shopping in a cannabis storefront. Creating a customer experience requires dispensary owners, managers, and staff members to strategize ways to elevate the level of service and environment from end to end. Customer experience starts as soon they enter your shop and ends only when they exit.

When strategizing the best way to improve a customer’s experience, is to take something that seems complicated and simplify it. Many first time shoppers are concerned by the check-in process and what products will work for them. Optimizing the check-in process with digital tablets will make it easy for them to create a patient profile. Intuitive sales staff should listen to customer to decipher what products will produce the customer’s desired effects. Implementing an engaging customer experience is one of those cannabis retailer best practices that should never be ignored.

Targeted Marketing Campaigns

Blanket marketing not only produces lackluster conversions but can do irreparable damage to future marketing campaigns. Targeting specific customer groups with tailored campaigns that speak directly to their needs will prevent unsubscriptions and drive real buyers to your dispensary. Managers and owners can work together to create customized groups that will be interested in taking advantage of promotions that cater to medical patients, veterans, social followers, etc.

Fortunately, IndicaOnline’s point-of-sale software includes built-in marketing tools that allow cannabis retailers to send targeted email and text campaigns with ease. Every patient profile contains current contact information as well as their purchase history, staff notes, and the group they are assigned to. Crafting a targeted marketing campaign around customer behaviours and buying habits will definitely lead to higher success rate.

Staff/Clientele Interaction

Delivering personalized customer service is definitely essential in establishing a lasting relationship with your clientele. This is why utilizing iPad based point of sale software is so advantageous. Sales associates can approach and serve customers using mobile devices and guide them as they make their selection.

Providing your clientele with up-to-date information regarding current specials, inventory availability, loyalty opportunities, and upselling and cross selling suggestions will allow budtenders to connect directly with customers. This personalized feeling can be expounded upon by sending automated messages on special days such as birthdays and anniversaries.

Customer Loyalty Programs

One of the keys to generating repeat sales is offering customer loyalty programs that are designed to specifically address the particular preferences of clientele. Using your dispensary POS software to access a customer’s profile and purchase history can help your increase your conversion rate without sacrificing your profit margin.

Loyalty programs should also be implemented to engage customers. Offering a higher number of loyalty points based on the value of a purchase as opposed to how frequent a customer visits, will make each transaction more lucrative. This way you encourage clientele to spend more and save more rather than rewarding those who may spend little but shop often.

Analyzing Consumer Insights

While it’s important to understand what consumers are buying, it’s imperative to understand why they are purchasing specific products in higher numbers. Analyzing customer insights will provide purchase patterns and seasonal trends that inform how your purchase inventory and display your merchandise.

It’s also important to take into account other variables such as digital signage, store aesthetics, the customer experience, and even staff performance. Factoring in these aspects of your business will give a fuller picture as to why sales are higher or lower during specific hours of operation.

Initializing these cannabis retailer best practices combined with the advanced functionality of your dispensary software, will help your marijuana business excel in the midst of stiff competition. Learn more about IndicaOnline’s point-of-sale software by scheduling a demo with one of qualified sales representatives.