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4 Ways Cannabis Retailers Can Use Dispensary Customer Data

June 15, 2018

Understanding the clientele that visit your cannabis retailer will be extremely helpful when ordering inventory, making sales, and reaching a wider audience. Taking control of your dispensary customer data will help you identify where your marijuana business can make improvements.

In this article, we’ll mention a few ways cannabis retailers can use customer insights to capitalize on your sales potential.

Patient Purchase History

Every time your budtenders process a transaction all of the sales data is stored in your dispensary point-of-sale software. This creates a record of the patient’s purchase history that can be referred to in the future. Information on prior purchases allows the sales team and store managers to recognize preference patterns.

If a returning customer is waiting in the queue to be served, quickly viewing their purchase history can help dispensary staff recommend products or available discounts. Utilizing your dispensary POS software to determine how consumers shop and their buying habits can inform how your service them.

New vs. Returning Customers

Another way to take advantage of dispensary customer data is to analyze the customer retention rate based on your new customers vs. returning clientele. Retaining customers is essential to the success of any cannabis retailer and if you’re noticing that a high percentage of customers are not returning their maybe problems with customer service or possibly a complicated check-in process.

Fortunately, IndicaOnline’s Dashboard application can provide detailed reports that show the number of new patients versus the returning patients for specific time periods. The amount of new customers can also indicate the success of your marketing and advertising efforts. Spikes in the amount of new customers are definitely a sign that you’ve chosen a good advertising resource or marketing campaign.

Average Transaction Amount

Reviewing the average transaction amount in your cannabis retailer is a piece of dispensary customer data that is not to be ignored. If it seems like there are alot of low transaction amounts it might be time to start discounts that encourage high volume sales.

Another way to boost the average transaction amount is to motivate your dispensary staff to upsell when the opportunity presents itself. Upselling is an art and is most effective when it makes logical sense to pair products together. Discuss these opportunities with your staff so they recognize when to push additional products.

Amount of Storefront Visits

Checking the amount of dispensary visits of certain customers can help you customize your loyalty rewards program. Occasionally some customer will try to abuse the dispensary loyalty program by visiting your storefront many times. This can be prevented by basing the number of reward points given on the amount sold as opposed to number of visits.

IndicaOnline provides retail owners, managers, and sales associates with useful dispensary customer data that can improve profits and operational efficiency. To learn more about our advanced cannabis software features, schedule a demo with one of our qualified representatives.