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4 Tips for Targeted Dispensary Marketing Campaigns

February 27, 2018

There are several ways cannabis retailers can engage their customers and understanding each demographic will help improve the return on investment. Utilizing targeted dispensary marketing is extremely effective because customers are more apt to take advantage of offers that cater to their preferences.

In this article, we’ll suggest a few tips marijuana retailers can implement when creating targeted dispensary marketing campaigns.

Customer Groups

Categorizing your dispensary clientele into customer groups is a great way to target a specific demographic. Advanced cannabis software will allow the retailer receptionist to add customers who are senior citizens, military veterans, medical vs. recreational, social media follower, or compassionate care patients.

Creating customized groups to segment your clientele will allow retailers to send targeted dispensary marketing email campaigns that resonate with consumers. This process is simple with IndicaOnline’s CRM tools that are built into our point-of-sale software.

Customer Insights

Another way to maximize the effectiveness of targeted dispensary marketing campaigns is analyzing customer insights. The most important metrics to review for strategizing marketing are the advertising referrals and the best selling products. Products that are strong sellers attract new business so highlighting them can often lead to increased customer traffic.

Finding out what resources customers are using to learn about your marijuana dispensary is vital to optimizing your advertising efforts. Knowing which resources are reaching which demographic can help you decide how to build your marketing budget.

Geo-Targeted Marketing

Staying up-to-date on buying trends in specific regions can really influence the type of offers you craft for different locales. Geo-targeting will further refine who receives your marketing materials and increases the chances of engaging them with appealing promotions.

If your dispensary offers a marijuana delivery service, our data aggregation application, Dashboard, can indicate top selling products by zip code. This type of statistic can really benefit targeted dispensary marketing campaigns and improve geo-targeting within your delivery area.

Social Media Marketing

Utilizing social media for targeted dispensary marketing campaigns is an absolute must for any cannabis retailer. While paid advertisements are still somewhat limited on Facebook, boosting content is an option that gives dispensaries a way to reach an audience outside of their followers.

Creating dispensary events is another way to actively engage your social media followers and promote new business. Cultivation classes, customer appreciation days, product promos, and holiday specials are all events that drive foot traffic. Inviting followers will to join events will not only send them a notification but it will encourage them to invite other to the event as well.

Find out more about IndicaOnline’s powerful marketing tools by scheduling a demo with one of our qualified training associates.