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4 Ways a Dispensary POS System Helps Manage Staff

October 30, 2017

Building a knowledgeable and dependable dispensary staff can be challenging but extremely rewarding. Once you’ve developed a solid staff team, it’s very important to use staff management tools that benefit both employees and the business. 

Today we’ll cover some staff management tools every dispensary POS system should feature. 

Time Clock

Implementing an accurate and user friendly time clock to keep track of employee hours is paramount for payroll. Knowing when employees clock-in and clock-out will also provide dispensary owners with a clear picture of which staff members consistently show up to work on time and those who lack dedication.

Dispensary managers and operators will also find the time clock tool helpful when scheduling employee hours. Adjusting work schedules to meet the needs of your staff is simple. Both managers and owners can monitor which employees are currently on-the-clock and track sales in real time.

Staff Sales Reports

A dispensary POS software that generates staff sales reports is essential in identifying your rock star budtenders who are adept at making sales. Sales reports not only indicate how much a budtender sells but also the amount of patients served.

On the other end of the spectrum, these reports will also help owners and management identify employees with subpar sales numbers. Management can then address these issues and either help the staff member improve or decide to move forward with a new hire. 

Staff Permissions

Another important facet to managing dispensary staff is setting specific permissions based upon the employee’s position. For instance, a receptionist is allowed to make changes to patient profiles and update patient information, however they will not have access to send out marketing materials or pay invoices. 

Delegating job responsibilities is simple using the dispensary POS staff permissions. Setting specific staff permissions will give employees the ability to access and edit only the information related to their position. It will also prevent unwanted or accidental interference in high-level business operations. 

Delivery Insights

There is an increasing demand for storefront dispensaries to offer delivery service to their patients. While this service can dramatically increase sales, it also comes with an increase in staff and expenses.

Using a dispensary POS system that offers delivery insights is a great way to optimize this service. Having the ability to monitor delivery distance, time, and performance provides dispensary owners the information needed to accurately compensate couriers.

Since every courier uses their smartphone as a mobile register, the POS software is also able to track amount of patients served and how much currency couriers receive from each order. 

IndicaOnline provides all of these features to help manage, monitor, and compensate dispensary staff. To learn more about how our dispensary POS system can help streamline your cannabis business, sign-up for a free trial.