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5 Ways to Improve Your Marijuana Delivery Service

October 26, 2017

Managing a medical marijuana delivery service can be challenging if your business isn’t using the right tools. Tracking drivers, dispatching orders, and managing inventory is virtually impossible without a comprehensive delivery technology

Fortunately smartphones have given us the power to transform our mobile devices into mobile registers. A marijuana delivery service using antiquated techniques to service their customers will soon find themselves at a major disadvantage.

Whether your marijuana delivery service is part of a dispensary or a stand alone entity, using an advance POS application can increase sales and efficiency. In this article, we’ll cover some key features your medical marijuana delivery app should have and why they’re beneficial.

GPS Tracking

In order to run a successful dispensary delivery service, there needs to be clear communication between the driver and dispatch in regards to location. A delivery app, such as IndicaOnline, provides real-time GPS tracking so the dispatcher can view the location of multiple drivers within the delivery area.

Every driver’s phone installed with the application serves as a location beacon. This is extremely helpful for the dispatcher when deciding on which courier can service the patient quickly and easily. 

Smart Order Assignment

Smart order assignment is a newly developed feature that simplifies order processing for the dispatcher. This handy feature will automatically suggests the driver each order should be assigned to based on the distance to the patient and the number of orders in their queue. 

Delegating orders is a snap with smart order assignment which will save your dispatchers valuable time deciding on a courier. In turn, this will also help reduce travel time for drivers saving them money on fuel and raising their income. 

Mobile Transactions

Making mobile transactions is really where our delivery application shines. Not only are couriers able to ring up patients but they also have the ability to create patient profiles for first-time customers. By simply uploading images of the patient’s state ID and recommendation, drivers can verify a patient and have them digitally sign the collective agreement.

Once the transaction is done, a digital receipt is sent via email and the dispatch is notified that the order is complete. These notifications are the perfect indicator for dispatchers to monitor a couriers progress.

Route Mapping

Watching the road should always be the driver’s primary concern. This is why we’ve designed a marijuana delivery application that integrates with other navigational apps.

Delivery drivers can simply select the navigation application the prefer and they’ll be guided to the next location. This feature is extremely helpful in avoiding road construction and heavy traffic areas. 

Delivery Notifications

A smart delivery application should not only be helpful to the dispatcher and courier but also to the customer. The IndicaOnline app takes this into consideration and sends delivery notifications to the patient when the order is picked up, when it’s five minutes away, and one minute prior to arrival. 

Delivery notifications will keep the customers updated on their order and cut down on calls to the dispatcher requesting the order status. Patient’s will be standing by awaiting their order when driver arrives.

Using IndicaOnline’s marijuana delivery application has a multitude of features that make it an exceptional tool for any marijuana delivery service and dispensary. It is compatible with both iOS and Android technology so no matter what type of device couriers own, they’ll be ready for the road.

Sign-up for a six month pro plan and we’ll provide a free demo to teach you how to implement this technology into your delivery service.