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Try IndicaOnline’s New Dashboard App

September 8, 2017

IndicaOnline is excited to introduce the latest addition to its all-in-one POS software service, the Dashboard app, now available in the Apple store and on Google Play. Dashboard is your IndicaOnline business in the palm of your hand featuring real time monitoring of revenue and patient intake. Manage multiple dispensary locations or delivery services with ease from your smart phone or tablet.

Gross Sales

Every business owner now has the ability to check in on dispensary sales while on the go. This is a huge advantage as running multiple businesses can be very demanding and it's essential to keep tabs on the key elements while your travelling.

Dashboard provides the gross sales over selected time periods as well as the number of orders placed. It's easy to monitor 'Sales by Office' to know which dispensaries are generating the best results as opposed to those that may need help boosting sales.

Payment Methods

Dashboard let's owners see a detailed breakdown of payment methods for the day, week, month, and year. This information is very helpful in knowing how much cash is in the register and how many credit card purchases are in processing.

Payment methods also includes store credit so owners can keep a close eye on how much store credit is awarded and how it is being used.

Dashboard Sales

Top Sellers

One of the biggest advantages of using the IndicaOnline Dashboard app is tracking which products are the top sellers. Dashboard itemizes how much revenue each product brings in as well as how many orders are made for each individual product.

Having a full understanding of what items are selling well, not only allows owners to keep track of stock, but also informs them on how much to re-order once a product is sold out. Another benefit of keeping track of top sellers is being able to identify which vendors are providing product that moves off the shelf. These are the vendors dispensary owners want to maintain good relationships with so they continue to come back offering quality product.

Top Categories

With such a wide variety of products being offered at dispensaries, it's vital to know which type of products are the most popular. While a large majority of patients will be purchasing flower, many patients want alternative options for their medication.

IndicaOnline's Dashboard app audits each category, carefully tracking the sales of edibles, concentrates, tinctures, drinks, or clones. The categories are easily customizeable so no matter what products are available, they can be classified into a specific category. This information can also help owners curate their selection of products so they aren't wasting valuable shelf space on items that are underselling.

Patient Analytics

The ability to analyze patient intake over the course of a business day, week, or month is a wonderful way to understand whether or not your marketing efforts are effective. Dashboard indicates how many new patients, returning patients, and walk-in visits your dispensary has over a selected time period.

It also reports how much revenue is generated from each patient category giving you a clear breakdown and easily legible pie chart. Understanding your customer base is essential to increasing traffic from both new and returning patients. This makes Dashboard an incredibly powerful mobile tool for dispensary owners.

Dashboard Analytics

Referral Retention

One of the most valuable features of Dashboard is the Referal Rentention Rate.This features gives shop owners clear indications as to where their advertising dollars are generating the best return on investment. When new patients sign-in and provide information on how they were referred to your dispensary, IndicaOnline creates a detailed report for the Dashboard app.

For example, you'll see where they saw your advertisement whether it be from Google, Yahoo, Weedmaps, LA Weekly, etc. Not only will dashboard tell owners the source of the referral, but it can provide the amount of money each individual source brings to your business. This will help owners make wise and cost effective decisions regarding where best to spend their advertising dollars in the future.


It can be thrilling for owners to see how much revenue is coming in on a daily basis but it's also extremely necessary to keep track of expenses.This again is where Dashboard becomes a useful management tool. Having full knowledge of what is being spent and what is being bought can give owners piece of mind, knowing exactly what is happening while they are away. Since all the information is real time, dispensary owners can check to confirm scheduled monlthy, weekly, or yearly payments.

Average Wait Time

Nobody likes a crowded lobby, including dispensary owners. With the average wait time feature, owners can manage their staff to keep the business flowing.Ideally the average wait time at most dispensaries would be from 1-3 minutes. This would indicate a steady flow of patients without a build up in the lobby.

Download Dashboard

Now that you know all of the advantages IndicaOnline's new Dashboard app offers try it for your dispensary or delivery service.