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4 Ways to Maximize Dispensary Customer Retention Post-420

April 20, 2018

Following the busiest sales day of the year for cannabis retailers, 4/20, it’s important to keep your clientele engaged and encourage their return. There are a few ways to maximize dispensary customer retention especially after a holiday where potentially hundreds of new customers have been added to your database. Hopefully you collected their contact information and how they were referred to your business as this is invaluable moving forward.

In this article we’ll mention a few tactics to maximize your dispensary customer retention and how to keep you patrons coming back time after time.

Loyalty Points Reminder

What many of your new clientele may not realize after shopping on 4/20 is that they have already earned loyalty points at your dispensary. It’s worth reminding both your existing customers and new patrons that they can use their loyalty points for discounts on any purchase.

Sending them an email using your dispensary software to let them know how many loyalty points they’ve accrued. This will encourage them to either come use them or purchase more to build up their loyalty points. Since all the points are stored digitally using their customer profile all they need to do is inform the budtender they’d like to redeem them.

Follow Up Marketing

Creating follow up marketing campaigns is an integral part of improving dispensary customer retention. Sending out emails thanking your customers for paying patronage to your cannabis retailer is a great way to remind them of your every day specials.

If your dispensary offers delivery service or pick-up this is the perfect opportunity to let them know about it. Including “calls to action” in your email for them to use your cannabis ecommerce website or the Potify platform will give them even more ways to select their favorites.

Engage Socially

The last way to boost your dispensary customer retention is to engage your clientele on social media. When it comes to engaging clientele using social media not only means posting your own content but interacting with your followers tweets, comments, photos, etc. Establishing those more personal social interactions will bolster loyalty among your followers.

Hosting social contests can be a great way to gain new followers and keep you audience intrigued. Offering free merch or discounts on products will solicit a lot of engagement and create a buzz around your brand that will keep your online clientele interested.

Ask for Reviews

Another way to keep them involved is to ask them to leave a review on popular dispensary websites like Weedmaps and Potify in exchange for more loyalty points. Positive reviews can really persuade new customers to visit your particular cannabis retailer.

Having verified customers rate your storefront is also a great way to find out where you can improve as a business. The more reviews you have the better off your marijuana dispensary will be especially since most people look online before ever stepping foot in a store. IndicaOnline provides each dispensary with their own web page on Potify so their clientele can order online, leave reviews, pick-up in store, and earn cashback. Learn more about this benefit when you sign-up for IndicaOnline’s free 14-day trial.