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5 Ways to Make your Dispensary Standout on Social Media

November 2, 2017

Using dispensary social media marketing has given new life to the marijuana industry as a whole. While there are still some barriers cannabis businesses face in regards to advertising on social media, cultivators, retailers, and brands are able to reach a wider audience than ever before.

As more and more states legalize medical and adult-use marijuana, retailers are seeing significant growth in competition. It’s important for dispensaries and retailers to inform consumers on what makes their business unique, and social media is the solution.

Selecting Social Channels

When deciding what social channels to use for your dispensary, there are a few things to consider. Which social platforms will help me improve my google ranking? What type of content will work best for my brand? And who will be responsible for managing the social accounts?

All dispensaries can benefit from using Facebook, Twitter, and Google + as these will significantly help with SEO. Sharing more visual content on other social platforms such as Instagram, or Youtube will really help drive engagement.

Content Creation

Creating content is essential to success on social media. Photos, videos, editorial, and coupons all serve as great ways to draw attention to your marijuana dispensary. Visual post will tend to receive the most follower interaction, however blog post and discount coupons will lead to more sales.

It’s important to exercise balance when it comes to using social media for your cannabis business. Updating your followers on products, deals, and in-store developments is great but too much promotional posting can have an adverse effect.

Posting industry related news or entertaining gifs or memes from industry related profiles will add value to your channel and keep your clientele interested.

Follower Interaction

A key element to remember when using your dispensary social media accounts is interaction. Interacting is not limited to responding to Facebook comments or tweets, but includes engaging with content from other profiles and brands within the cannabis industry.

Sharing is caring, and sharing on social media can lead to brand partnerships, new followers, and increased traffic in you dispensary. Engaging your followers on social media is also a great way to provide additional customer service by answering questions and addressing concerns.

Social Media Influencers

Advertising your dispensary on social media can be tricky as there are still limitations on paid ads for many of the platforms. A work around to increase brand awareness on social media is enlisting the help of social media influencers.

Using a portion of your advertising budget to purchase post from prominent influencers within the marijuana culture and industry will be worth the exposure. Having them use Snapchat, Instagram or Facebook stories to promote your business will certainly reach an audience filled with potential customers.

Social Media SEO

Dispensary social media can definitely improve your brand’s SEO score and should be used to optimize SEO whenever possible. Using profile about and bio sections to include valuable keywords and phrases will make it easier for marijuana users to discover your brand.

Investing in a social analytics software is recommended to help identify which channels and posts are SEO friendly and where you can improve.

Delving into the world of social media is definitely advantageous for any cannabis business. Putting into practice the tactics in your dispensary social media may seem like common sense but many cannabis retailers fall short.