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How to Convince Marijuana Dispensary Clientele to Come Back

January 31, 2018

Establishing a cannabis retailer is no easy task, but building a brand that is synonymous with quality and customer service is even harder. There are a several ways a marijuana business can distinguish itself from the competition and convince dispensary clientele to come back time after time. High customer retention is certainly achievable as long as your cannabis retailer can evolve to meet the demands of all demographics.

Today we’ll discuss a few ways marijuana dispensaries can improve customer retention and make their brand a household name.

Easy In, Easy Out

Convincing dispensary clientele to return time after time starts with building expectations. Customers who expect to wait in long lines, or deal with inefficient sales staff are likely not to return to that cannabis retailer. This is why it is so important to optimize check-in and check-out for your marijuana dispensary.

Installing tablets for digital check-in and instant age verification technology will help patients reach the sales floor much sooner. During the shopping experience, it’s important for budtenders to offer sound advice but also be efficient in their sales techniques.

Once a customer has decided on their purchase, check-out should be a painless process and using advanced dispensary POS software will reduce transaction times. Setting a speedy precedent will assure customers that returning to your cannabis retailer will not be an inconvenience.

Loyalty Points

Incentivizing customers to return to your cannabis retailer using dispensary loyalty programs will often motivate them to take advantage of the savings. Setting up a system that rewards customers for their loyalty will definitely boost customer retention. Now that loyalty points can be tracked digitally, dispensary clientele are more inclined to show patronage to a particular marijuana retailer.

Utilizing dispensary POS software to automatically issue loyalty points will not only save time but it prevents customer frustration when they forget to bring in their paper loyalty cards. Retail owners are responsible for setting the conversion rates that will protect their profit margins. Creating loyalty programs will certainly be persuasive when customers are deciding whether or not to return to your storefront.

Referral Bonuses

Awarding your current dispensary clientele with referral bonus points that can be used towards purchases will prompt them to bring in new business. There is no better advertising than word of mouth and inspiring customers to recommend your marijuana dispensary merits mutual benefits for both parties.

Removing limits from the number of referrals made by a single customer will remind them to continually show support for your cannabis storefront. Giving out a few bonus point in exchange for new clientele is well worth the cost and will only strengthen the loyalty between you and your customers.

Online Engagement

Engaging your customers online through email marketing and social media is a great way to encourage return visits. Notifying your dispensary clientele of upcoming sale items, daily discounts, and cannabis related events will continually peak the interest of your customers.

Replying to comments on social media, following loyal patrons, and interacting with them on social platforms will help customers identify with your brand. Social media interaction will show your followers that you’re responsive and care about customer satisfaction. Addressing both positive and negative reviews will go a long way in bridging gaps between your marijuana brand and dispensary clientele.