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The Essential 420 Checklist for Cannabis Dispensaries

April 19, 2018

Cannabis dispensaries around the U.S. are gearing up for 4/20 so to help them prepare we’ve created a checklist of things to remember. These recommendations will allow you to service your clientele with integrity and efficiency all while staying state compliant.

Marketing Campaigns

You’ll want to make to sure your doing your due diligence when it comes to marketing your 4/20 specials and discounts. Sending out coordinated email campaigns and text messages to your existing customers is a must and using social media to expand your reach will garner some new business.

Dispensary Staff

Your staff are your most important resource when it comes to operating cannabis dispensaries. Be sure to schedule enough budtenders, managers, and receptionists during the big day so no employee feels overwhelmed. Before opening your doors, let them know you appreciate their hard work and believe in their ability to do their job.

Age Validation

On busy days like 4/20, you’ll want to have a dedicated staff member focussed only on validating every customer’s age when they walk through the door. In states where recreational marijuana is legal, anyone under the age of 21 must have a doctor’s recommendation. Those under 21 with documentation can be directed to the receptionist to verify their physician recommendation.

Digital Sign-In

Using tablets in cannabis dispensaries for digital sign-in will make the process of checking-in so much easier. Customers who are already in your database will be automatically added to the queue, while new customers will be asked for helpful information such as where they heard about your business and relevant contact information.

New Clientele

Hopefully the 4/20 holiday will bring in a bunch of new clientele to cannabis dispensaries across the nation. Every new customer or patient that comes will need to check-in with the receptionist to create a profile and upload any necessary documentation. Expanding your database is always the goal of any marijuana retailer so you can continue to engage them with marketing campaigns and social media.

Customer Service

Training dispensary employees to utilize good customer service practices is imperative. Providing exceptional customer service is something that all staff members should be doing on a daily basis but reminding them on big sale days is always helpful. It may require that extra bit of patience or personal touch to make the consumer’s experience the best it can be. On a day where your likely to have an influx of new customers making a good impression is everything.

Security Measures

Increasing dispensary security on days like 4/20 will help prevent the chances of an altercation, theft, or armed robbery. Since most cannabis dispensaries are predominantly an all cash business the potential threat of a crime occuring is inherently higher. Hiring an extra guard or two will serve as a deterrent but also be helpful if should a situation arise. Having someone actively monitor all of the surveillance cameras is always a smart idea during high traffic holidays.

Loyalty Program

Reminding your patrons about you loyalty program during or after a transaction is a great way to encourage them to return. Educating your clientele on the advantages and how easy it is will motivate them to participate. Enrolling your customers in an easy-to-use loyalty program will do wonders for customer retention and new patient referrals.


Processing transactions should be simple if your using an intuitive marijuana point-of-sale software. The last thing you want to happen during the busiest day of the year is for your registers to fail. Ensuring your cannabis dispensaries are equipped with reliable and responsive retail software can quickly increase your earning potential. Staff members must be able to solve issues with ease to avoid causing a backup on the sales floor.

Exit Packaging

After the transaction is complete, placing the contents of their purchase in compliant exit packaging is essential to protecting the wellbeing of your cannabis dispensary. This is also a great opportunity to include any promotional materials as well to encourage their return. Ending their experience with a pleasant encounter is a great way to leave a lasting impression, so wish them a happy 4/20 and tell them it was a pleasure serving them.

IndicaOnline dispensary software is capable of offering all of the features mentioned above plus so much more. To find out more about our service, schedule a demo with one of our qualified training associates. We’ll walk you through all the ways our POS system can benefit your marijuana business.