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4 Key Reasons Your Cannabis Business Needs a POS System

October 17, 2017

Currently there are 29 states that have legalized medical marijuana and new cannabis businesses are popping up everywhere to meet the demand. Now is the time for marijuana dispensaries to set themselves apart and establish a storefront with a strong reputation. At the cornerstone of any popular cannabis business is a POS system that offers powerful tools to streamline operations and empower staff and customers.

Below are four key reasons a marijuana dispensary should utilize a cannabis POS system.

Organized Inventory

A major part of any medical marijuana business is managing all the inventory of flower as well as a wide variety of cannabis products. A state-of-the-art POS system can eliminate the tedious task of manually keeping track of different batches, concentrates, tinctures, and edibles. As your dispensary grows, owners will want to spend more time interacting with customers and sampling new products and less time crunching the numbers.

An efficient marijuana POS system will provide real-time menu updates, notify you when stock is low, and integrate seamlessly with your website and listings like Weedmaps. Barcode scanners allow every gram to be traced from the moment it enters the inventory to the moment the transaction is completed. A dispensary POS system will prevent loss and save hundreds of hours of man-power than can be better used on the sales floor.

Marijuana inventory

Loyalty Programs

One of the best ways to build your dispensaries reputation and retain customers is implementing a loyalty program. Traditionally loyalty programs include giving first-time customers a loyalty card that can be stamped or punched after every visit. While this method can still prove effective, it is not always the most efficient way to track a patient’s loyalty.

Often times, patient’s will forget their loyalty card or possibly the budtender will forget to mark the loyalty card. This can leave a customer feeling disappointed and potentially leave a bad taste in their mouth.

Advanced marijuana POS systems don’t leave loyalty programs to chance. Every patient’s profile will reflect the number of visit’s made to the dispensary and digitally log loyalty points and store credit. Upon check-out, staff can inform customers of their loyalty rewards giving them the option to use them toward their purchase or save them for a later date. Customer’s will greatly appreciate this type of loyalty program and continue coming back to earn valuable discounts and store credit.

CRM Marketing

A powerful point-of-sale software will not only give a dispensary operational tools but integrate marketing tools that help increase dispensary traffic. Marijuana POS software such as IndicaOnline, allows businesses to reach their customers with targeted email marketing campaigns and SMS notifications.

We live in a digital age so utilizing digital marketing and advertising is a lifeline for modern dispensaries. Creating specials for veterans, cancer patients, and loyal customers will allow cannabis businesses to reach a specific audience for maximum return on investment.

Notifying patient’s of limited time deals using SMS messages will ensure quick receipt and fast response. When choosing a marijuana POS system for your dispensary be sure marketing CRM is included. 

Marijuana POS System

Manage Multiple Locations

Many dispensary owners operate several locations and need a POS software that can help them manage all locations from a single device. This is where our IndicaOnline software really shines. Using the POS dashboard on a laptop, tablet, or smartphone will give you the power to add inventory, track expenses, manage staff, and analyze business metrics.

Additionally, our POS system can sync with digital signage to display customized ads, specials, menus, and videos to keep your waiting patients informed and entertained. Playlists can easily be managed remotely and play on multiple displays throughout your dispensary locations. Having the ability to manage multiple locations right at your fingertips is the future of dispensary POS technology and without it, you’ll eventually be left behind. 

These four features can really help your cannabis business stand-out in an increasingly competitive market. Optimizing operations will allow staff to focus on the needs of customers which will always make a lasting impression. Learn more about how IndicaOnline can help your marijuana dispensary succeed by signing up for a free 14-day trial.