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3 Advantages of User Friendly Dispensary Software

March 27, 2018

When searching for a point of sale system for your marijuana dispensary, one aspect you’ll want to consider is how easy it is to operate. Installing user friendly dispensary software will not only make your cannabis retailer more efficient but it will also save time and frustration when dealing with technical issues.

In this article, we’ll discuss a few advantages that user friendly dispensary software has over traditional systems.

Intuitive Interface

One of the key components when creating user friendly dispensary software is an intuitive interface. This is why IndicaOnline has developed a POS system that is compatible with Apple iPads. Combining employees existing knowledge of Apple with an innovative application that is specific to the cannabis industry allows them to navigate with ease.

Complicated software that requires in-depth knowledge can lengthen the time it takes to process transactions. The functionality of cannabis software should be self-explanatory and flow naturally for the user. This is why implementing user friendly dispensary software is vital to the success of any marijuana retailer.  

Easy Staff Training

Another advantage to utilizing user friendly dispensary software is it will significantly reduce the amount of time it takes to train new staff members. The majority of people have at least some basic knowledge of how to operate an iPad so walking them through an iPad based application will be much easier than trying to teach them a desktop or PC based point-of-sale system.

Onboarding new budtenders and managers is a much quicker process than ever before due to intuitive and innate processes. If there are certain functionalities that are not required from an employee in a specific rule, it easy to set permissions so that they can only access the features that pertain to their job description.

Automated Functionality

Tedious tasks can be optimized with user friendly dispensary software. IndicaOnline has give marijuana business owners the capability to automate many of the most time consuming areas of operating a business. Automated functionality is helpful for cannabis retailers from reception to the sales floor. Digital check-in will allow customers to enter their contact information which can automatically sync with the point-of-sale software to create a patient profile.

Updating inventory and online menus is seamless with automated updates. This will prevent any confusion when customers browse your online menu as it will accurately reflect what is and out of stock. One of the best automated features that IndicaOnline offers marijuana dispensaries is automated compliance reporting. One integrated with METRC, cannabis retail owners can avoid downloading and uploading reports and never stress about inaccurate information or missing a cut off date.

To experience the most user friendly dispensary software on the market, sign-up for a free 14-day trial of IndicaOnline. You’ll quickly learn why our point of sale software is pioneering the expanding cannabis industry.