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Top 10 Do’s and Don’ts for Marijuana Dispensary Budtenders

March 1, 2018

An integral part of any cannabis retailer is the sales team. Marijuana dispensary budtenders are responsible for providing patients with excellent customer service and generating lucrative sales. There are definitely certain practices that show customers your level of experience so understanding the do’s and don’ts of budtending is imperative to making a good impression.

Today, we’ll cover a few things marijuana dispensary budtenders need to be conscious of when serving customers.

Budtender Do’s

Do Be Attentive – Listening to the customers preferences is the first step in providing quality customer service. Sometimes customers are unsure of what they want so picking up on cues can help budtenders steer them to products they will enjoy.

Do Be Descriptive – Generic descriptions of different strains such as “it makes you tired” or “it’s a lighter buzz” will suffice for some customers but offering a detailed description will be more persuasive.

Do Be Efficient – Making sales in an efficient manner doesn’t mean you need to rush a patient into making a decision. If a customer is having trouble deciding, asking if they need a couple of minutes to think it over can allow you to serve awaiting customers and always come back once they’ve made a decision.

Do Be Patient – Unfortunately, not every customer will be pleasant but it crucial to be patient with disgruntled customers. Escalating a situation can only increases the chances of an incident. Stay calm and try to resolve the situation in a diplomatic way. If the customer becomes uncontrollable, it might be time for security to step in and escort them to the door.

Do Be Friendly – Connecting with customers on a personal level can establish a rapport that encourages patients to return. This is especially true when describing your experience with certain products they may be interested in purchasing.

Budtender Don’ts

Don’t Be Stoned – Showing up to work under the influence sets a poor example for other employees and can affect your overall performance. Doing so, could potentially lead to errors while making sales that have serious ramifications.

Don’t Be Confrontational – No matter what the situation, marijuana dispensary budtenders must never be confrontational with customers. Antagonizing a situation will risk the safety of other customers, staff, and the business as a whole.

Don’t Be Unprofessional – Even though recreational marijuana is legal in certain states, it is still important to highlight the medicinal benefits of cannabis. Presenting a professional demeanor is essential in eliminating the taboo nature of marijuana industry.

Don’t Be Careless – It’s always important to be precise when dealing with inventory and marijuana POS software. Customers want to see the products they purchase handled with care and respect. Careless budtenders can be off putting to customers and potentially cause costly compliance issues.

Don’t Be Pushy – Some marijuana dispensary budtender are always looking to make the most out of a sale. There are ways to upsell customers without being pushy. Pushy sale associates can leave customers feeling like they’re being taken for ride. Adapting your sales technique to suggest related products when applicable will often generate the best results.