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How to Choose the Best Cannabis Software for Marijuana Dispensaries

January 8, 2018

Determining the best cannabis software for your marijuana dispensary requires in depth analysis and a comprehensive knowledge of your specific needs. There is so much to consider when investing in a point-of-sale system so finding the right cannabis software can be challenging.

In this article, we’ll provide tips on how to select the dispensary POS system that will be the perfect fit for your cannabis retailer.

Price Point

One of the most common deciding factors when purchasing cannabis software is the pricing. As a dispensary owner you’re looking for a POS platform that can offer outstanding service at an affordable price point. Cannabis retailers with large storefronts and multiple locations have different needs than a small one-off dispensary. This is why finding a cannabis software with varying pricing plans is preferred.

Smaller retail operations shouldn’t have to purchase services they won’t use so having the option to select a more affordable plan will be beneficial. IndicaOnline offers three different plans ranging from $99 to $299 depending on your dispensary needs. Providing marijuana retailers with different options for different budgets allows them to choose cannabis software catered to them.

Software Capability

When deciding on the best cannabis software for your marijuana retailer you’ll want a POS system that is capable of streamlining daily operations. Keeping track of inventory, expenses, and patient history are just a few of the features that can save time. If you have multiple dispensary locations, ensuring that the cannabis software has the capacity to manage both is essential.

Many retailers also offer marijuana delivery service to their clientele. Using a dispensary POS software that can also track couriers and allow dispatchers to easily assign orders is a huge advantage. Arming your delivery driver’s with a mobile application that can transform their phones into mobile registers is invaluable for making sales on the go. Dispensaries should prioritize features that are must have for their dispensary before purchasing any cannabis software.

State Compliance

One aspect of running a dispensary that is always at the forefront is compliance with state and local regulations. Failure to submit accurate sales or inventory reports could lead to hefty violation fines or even a shutdown. Using cannabis software that generate precise reports with one click is vital to the success of any marijuana retailer. Advanced dispensary POS systems, such as IndicaOnline, can actually integrate with state reporting software and automate reporting on a daily basis.

Tracking customer sales limits is just as important to remaining compliant. Overselling to clientele can be easy mistake for inexperienced budtender, but the consequence can be detrimental to a dispensary. The best cannabis software services will alert staff when a customer reaches or exceeds the daily sales limit and avoid a costly oversight.

Online Integration

Saving time allows dispensary owners and staff to focus more on customer service. In the past, employees have spent hours updating their website and Weedmaps menus to reflect their current stock. Inventory is constantly fluctuating especially if your dispensary carries a multitude of products. Integrating your cannabis POS software with your website and Weedmaps is a game changer on multiple levels.

Knowing that all online menus are up-to-date at all times will be beneficial for business. Simply syncing your inventory will ensure that strains a customer sees online are actually in-stock. Choosing cannabis software equipped with online integration is a must for any dispensary that wants to improve their online presence.

Marketing Tools

When assessing the benefits of specific cannabis software it’s worth check to see is marketing tools are offered as part of the service. Having the ability to send digital marketing campaigns through email and text can really enhance how you engage your customers. Defining customer categories will allow retailers to send targeted promotions to specific demographics.

Boosting foot traffic could be as easy as offering discounts to veterans or social media followers. Time sensitive sales provide the perfect opportunity to engage customers via SMS. Creating urgency through marketing will always generate higher sales numbers. Implementing cannabis software that is capable of marketing directly to your customer base is paramount when retaining clientele.

Security Measures

Unfortunately, there have been security breaches in the past for major cannabis software providers. This is why researching how your dispensary POS software combats online threats is so important. The best cannabis software services, like IndicaOnline, take extreme preventative measures to ensure information is stored safely and securely.

Cloud based storage requires 256-bit SSL file encryption, but IndicaOnline takes this one step further by storing all information in maximum security data centers with multiple locations. Our cannabis software has never suffered a cyber attack and we remain committed to keeping all dispensary information protected.

To learn more about how IndicaOnline’s POS system can benefit your marijuana retailer, sign-up for a free 14-day trail. We’ll walk you through our pricing structure and all of the innovative features our cannabis software offers.