Metrc integration

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3 Advantages to Integrating Cannabis Software with Metrc

February 14, 2018

Following the legalization of recreational marijuana, the State of California has authorized Franwell’s Metrc track and trace software as the primary service provider for cannabis retailers. New cannabis compliance regulations mandate that all marijuana dispensaries must report using Metrc or face disciplinary action.

California cannabis retailers will be able to either report to Metrc manually through an online account or automate reporting using advanced dispensary POS software. Installing smart cannabis software capable of integrating with Metrc offers some unique advantages that will save dispensaries time and money.

Track and Trace Compliance

The concept behind Metrc’s track and trace software is to be able to account for every gram of usable cannabis from seed-to-sale. Integration will allow dispensary owners to keep track of every transaction and provide detailed information on how much was purchased and by whom.

Having these records on file is extremely important to maintain compliance especially during an inspection. Cannabis retailers are required to keep this information for seven years before it can be discarded. In the case of a product recall, these details will help dispensaries contact the customer who purchased the affected products and issue the recall notification and any relevant instructions.

Automated Reporting

Taking on Metrc reporting manually can be a daunting task. IndicaOnline has developed automate reporting to alleviate this stress from dispensary owners and managers. There are specific criteria that Metrc requires from retailers when it comes to compliance reporting. The main responsibility of dispensaries will be to record the sales by transaction.

The following transaction information will need to be included in the Metrc reports:

  • Total quantity

  • Unit of measure

  • Date and time of transaction

  • Total dollars of the sale

All of these details must be submitted within 24 hours of sale to meet the compliance requirements. Metrc is still in the process of implementing their software platform into California’s newly legal market, but as soon as it goes live, IndicaOnline’s automated functionality will be active.

Inventory Reconciliation

Maintaining an accurate inventory is vital to staying compliant. The Bureau of Cannabis Control’s regulations mandate that all cannabis retailers reconcile their marijuana inventory with Metrc every 14 days. Reconciling your stock is simplified with advanced cannabis software. Using inventory reports as guideline for counting product quantities will make this process move much faster.

Tracking, reporting, and auditing cannabis will be an integral part of compliance when using Metrc’s seed-to-sale platform. IndicaOnline aims to make these tasks easy by integrating our point-of-sale software. To familiarize yourself with our software, schedule a demo with one of our expert training associates and learn more about the upcoming Metrc integration.