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4 Promotional Strategies for Marijuana Dispensaries

November 29, 2017

While traditional advertising isn’t really an option for marijuana businesses there are a few ways to appeal to new and existing customers. Offering promotions, specials, and discounts is great way to entice clientele to return while encouraging new business. Combine these with innovative marketing tools found on you marijuana POS system and you'll be ready to build provacative promotional campaigns.

In an effort to help marijuana retailers succeed in reaching their target market, we’d like to offer some promotion strategies that are proven and time tested.

Recognize Your Key Demographic

When developing a new promotion it’s essential to understand the different demographics within your clientele. Understanding these categories of customers and how they shop is the first step in creating effective targeted offers.

Answering the following questions will help:

  • Who are my consistent and loyal customers? How old are they? What jobs do they have? What interests them?

  • What methods of consumption do they use to medicate?

  • Which products do they purchase on a regular basis?

  • When do they visit the dispensary? What day of the week? What time?

Finding answers to these questions will be extremely helpful in crafting promotions.

Maximize Sales Using Analytics

After your identify who your core clientele, you’ll want to pair this information with dispensary analytics to pinpoint specific buying trends in your cannabis retailer. Review your sales and traffic data and pose these questions.

  • What products sell the best?

  • Which products are often bought at the same time?

  • What days are see an increase in sales? What days see a decrease in sales?

Generating detailed reports is easy using a marijuana POS system that tracks a range of analytics and customer insights.

Create Deals For Core Customers

Once you’ve compared your customer demographic with your monthly sales numbers, you can begin forming the outline of your promotion. Targeting specific categories should result with an increase in sales and first-time patients.

  • Offer discount packages that include items that are often bought together.

  • Use buy one, get one promotions that encourage multi-item purchases.

  • Promote limited time sales that persuade customers to act fast.

  • Daily deals that offer specific products on coordinated days (i.e. Medible Monday, Shatter Saturday)

POS Marketing Tactics

Installing a powerful marijuana POS system with customer marketing tools is great way to advertise without the cost or restrictions. An advanced marijuana POS system is capable of syncing with digital signage that can be used to announce promotions and highlight discounted inventory. Creating playlists for certain demographics will allow you to target customers in-store in real time.

IndicaOnline's marijuana POS system also includes website integration, email marketing and text message campaigns that can reach your clientele more directly. Encouraging new patients to include their name and phone number at sign-in will allow you to boost your campaign contacts. Setting up loyalty programs for return patients is an integral part of customer retention and mutually beneficial for the customer and the dispensary.

See how IndicaOnline’s marijuana POS system can empower your promotional and marketing strategies by scheduling a free demo.