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5 Tips for Selecting a Marijuana Point-of-Sale Software

November 21, 2017

Medical marijuana dispensaries and retailers in California will be making several changes to comply with city and state cannabis regulations for recreational legalization. It is pivotal to the success of these businesses to select a marijuana point-of-sale software capable of running all facets of their cannabis operation.

To assist cannabis dispensaries and retailers in their search for the most reliable marijuana point-of-sale software, we’ve provided some tips for making the best possible selection.

User Experience

One of the most important factors in selecting a marijuana point-of-sale software is the user experience. Is the interface intuitive and self-explanatory? Will your staff find it confusing or slow to process transactions? Complicated POS systems will slow down your sales floor and frustrate customers.

Streamlining the transaction process with checkout shortcuts and additional accessories such as barcode scanners will allow your cannabis business to handle a high volume of customers. Utilizing a marijuana point-of-sale software that is user friendly will help when onboarding new employees and minimize the amount of training time.

Cloud Storage

Data is stored differently depending on the marijuana point-of-sale software used. In-house servers can take up valuable real estate in your dispensary and make your business more susceptible to cyber attacks and data theft.

Investing in a POS software that uses cloud storage is probably the smarter play and will increase the amount of operating space for your cannabis business. Cloud storage also offers 256-bit SSL file encryption and servers are often stored in multiple locations and guarded by armed personnel.

Automating Compliance

Maintaining legal cannabis compliance it essential in keeping your dispensary doors open and your bottom line profitable. Tracking and reporting all information related to sales, inventory, and expenses is too important to leave in the hands of one person. Implementing marijuana point-of-sale software that automates tracking and reporting will be extremely beneficial for cannabis retailers.

Syncing this information with the state’s seed-to-sale tracking system will allow business owners and staff to focus on driving sales and customer service. In the event of inventory discrepancies or product theft, a superior marijuana point-of-sale software will alert staff before it’s too late.

Intaking Inventory

Adding marijuana inventory to your stock can be a time consuming process and a real headache for staff if using antiquated methods. Consider expediting this process with a powerful marijuana point-of-sale software that will precisely weigh and an intake product in just a few steps.

If your POS unit comes equipped with a RFID barcode scanner you’ll be able to input strain and distributor information with one quick scan of the tag. Once new regulations take effect for legal marijuana sales this feature will be invaluable to your dispensary or delivery service.

Website Integration

Updating your inventory on your website or third-party listings such as Weedmaps can be a constant chore. Adding new product and deleting product out-of-stock can consume large amounts of time and energy. It can also lead to tongue in cheek moments if a customer requests a certain strain that was listed on a site but is actually sold out.

Using a marijuana point-of-sale software that integrates your current inventory with your website and Weedmaps will be a saving grace for dispensary employees. This type of technology refreshes your menu items in real-time and is compatible with third-party listing sites for increased customer satisfaction.

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