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4 Methods to Maximize Customer Retention at Your Dispensary

November 1, 2017

There are many factors at play when it comes to customer retention at your medical marijuana dispensary. Providing a memorable experience is essential to winning over customers but enticing them to return is just as important.

In this article, we’ll outline a few ways your cannabis business can keep patients coming back time after time.

Loyalty Programs

Establishing a loyalty program is certainly not a new revelation in customer retention. However, the way in which loyalty programs are structured and tracked have recently been revolutionized.

Gone are the days of handing out loyalty cards and assuming customers will return to get their card punched after each purchase. We live in a digital world now and loyalty programs must adapt.

Using a dispensary management POS software can modernize your loyalty programs by keeping track of every patient’s loyalty points. Customizing loyalty programs to automatically generate cashback credits will save patient’s money, time and the extra responsibility of remembering those old fashioned punch cards.

Follow-Up Surveys

Any dispensary management POS software worth its salt will include email marketing tools to help reach your patients. Creating follow-up surveys for patients who have recently made purchases from your dispensary is a brilliant way to improve customer retention.

Sending out surveys to these customers will allow them to rate their experience and provide valuable feedback for your dispensary. If their purchase experience was subpar, this will give dispensaries an opportunity to mitigate any negative feelings by offering them a coupon on their next purchase.

This will hopefully encourage them to return to your dispensary and prove to them you value their business.

SMS Campaigns

Every dispensary management POS software should include the ability to reach patients via their mobile devices. Sending SMS campaigns is a great way to advertise to your current clientele and inform them of limited time offers. It is important to note that these types of campaigns should be used sparingly as customers can easily block yyour number if they feel constantly bombarded.

Targeting patients with promotions based on their previous purchase history is proven to have a higher success rate. Customers will come to appreciated specials catered to their specific preferences and return to your storefront to take advantage of these savings.

Social Media Incentives

A big part of customer retention is engagement, and there is no better way to engage patients than through social media. Encouraging your clientele to follow or like your social media channels is a good start, but providing incentives will really boost those numbers.

Posting new product photos, daily deals, and dispensary events will allow patients to stay updated and engaged. The amount of interaction on social media posts is a great indicator of what works best for your dispensary’s social channels.

Try using these techniques to improve customer retention at your cannabis dispensary and you might be surprised by the results.