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Choosing a Marijuana POS Software for your Cannabis Retailer

November 7, 2017

Making the switch from a medical marijuana dispensary to a recreational cannabis retailer will give business owners the opportunity to reassess the efficiency of their business. Selecting a marijuana POS software that will streamline operations will be imperative to meet the increase in customers.

Today we’ll cover a few things to consider when choosing your marijuana POS software.

State Compliance Integration

Every state has their own set of marijuana laws and regulations. Whether your state has medical or recreational legalization, dispensary compliance is of the utmost importance. Installing marijuana POS software that can be customized to meet the specific standard of your particular state is the first-step in the right direction.

Dispensary software should seamlessly integrate with your state’s online reporting software. A well-designed marijuana POS software can automatically send sales and expense reports daily, weekly, or monthly.

Another important feature to look for when purchasing marijuana POS software is an automated sales tax tool. Inputting the sales tax percentages in the backend adds the appropriate amount of sales tax to each transaction subtotal.

Medical and Recreational Sales

Many states who have recently transitioned from medical marijuana to recreational marijuana continue to service medical patients. In fact, medical marijuana card holders are able to purchase their medication at a lower price point as well as a lower tax rate.

This is why it’s so important to use marijuana POS software capable of serving both medical and recreational cannabis customers. Having the ability to verify medical marijuana recommendations and receive notifications when they expire will still be essential to smooth dispensary operations.

Budtenders will appreciate the ability to quickly change the pricing structure from a recreational customer to a medical marijuana patient at checkout. This functionality is definitely a must have when shopping for a marijuana POS software.

Seed-to-Sale Tracking

Marijuana POS software that can track the plant from seed-to-sale is an integral part of maintaining state compliance and accurate reporting. Most seed-to-sale platforms use barcodes that are assigned as soon as the seed enters the soil.

This barcode can be scanned at every step of the process to identify the strain, batch, grower and other relevant information. Once the flower is cured, more information such as bulk weight and lab results can be added to the assigned barcode.

A quick scan of the barcode can instantly integrate all this information into your marijuana POS software making for smooth transition from grower to distributor. Tracking the plant in this manner will provide a complete history if state authorities audit your storefront.

Paperless Check-In

Technology has dramatically changed the way businesses operate over the past decade. Tablets and smartphones have empowered us as a society and reduced the amount of waste we produce. The marijuana industry has always been environmentally conscious and creating a paperless work environment is now easier than ever.

Cannabis retail owners can go paperless simply by selecting the right marijuana POS software. While patient waiting rooms maybe phased out once recreational marijuana is established the check-in process should still be the vital first step at all cannabis dispensaries.

Using touch screen tablets for customers to sign-in will automatically generate a patient profile for first-time customers and valuable information on how they found your dispensary. This will save time, paper, and advertising dollars.

Business Expansion

As your cannabis business expands to multiple locations you’ll want to ensure your marijuana POS software can manage each storefront efficiently. Each register should feed sales and inventory information to one account where it can be viewed, analyzed, and optimized.

We’ve taken this one step further and developed a mobile application, Dashboard, that allows business owners to access a multitude of information from all their cannabis storefronts and delivery services. Monitoring each location remotely gives owners the ability to travel freely from business to business or meet with vendors, growers, and potential investors.

Integrated Accessories

Once you find the best marijuana POS software you’ll want to consider investing in the integrated accessories. IndicaOnline offers quite a few accessories that help streamline daily operations. Our register comes with a built-in receipt printer, barcode scanner, and ID swiper that can significantly speed up check-out times.

We also offer NTEP certified scales that integrate directly with our POS software to precisely weigh and price cannabis flower. Attaching our high-speed label printer will help dispensary staff tackle a variety of labeling tasks.

Above are just a few things to look for when picking out a marijuana POS software that can meet the needs of both medical patients and recreational customers. To learn more about IndicaOnline’s powerful POS system sign-up for a free demo.